Quotable Monday: Mike Pettine wants a ruling on Josh Gordon


The entire Cleveland fanbase is holding its breath, waiting to see if Josh Gordon will be able to play this season. But the NFL still hasn’t come down with a ruling on how to punish Gordon for his newest drug-test fiasco. In the meantime, do we hold out hope that Gordon may only be suspended several games? Or do we accept that 2014 will be a season sans Gordon? It’s frustrating for fans, as well as for Cleveland’s head coach Mike Pettine. In a radio interview last week, he said the following:

“There’s certainly a level of frustration because we’ve known the news for so long…I understand that the league has a process that they have to go through and there’s other things that they’re dealing with and we respect that. But at the same time it is difficult because it really will affect our preparation for the season.”

Pettine wants to know what his receiving corps is going to look like. We all do. Even if that means accepting a wide receiver group that is solidly mediocre.

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  • Randal Mckissack

    If Flash plays he’ll help lead Cleve Browns to SB 50 victory … I hope Browns org, players union and NFL helps him permenantly recover from this episode!