Mailbag: Why is Vernon Davis holding out?


There are a number of reasons why Davis isn’t taking part in team activities. He’s an eight-year veteran; older players have been known to miss optional workouts.

Many analysts have said Davis is holding out for a better contract. He might be following the path of Saints Jimmy Graham, who has said he wants to be paid like a wide receiver. If that’s the case, Davis is staying professional about it, saying nothing but the right things in interviews. He insists there are no bad feelings between him and the organization. But as long as he’s out of action, speculation will rise.

Does Davis deserve a contract extension and more money? He is 30 now and entering Year 4 of a six-year, $42.705 million contract he signed in 2010. He totaled close to 800 yards receiving in three of the last four seasons, the lone exception being a lackluster 2012. Davis had one of his best years in 2013, with 850 receiving yards — second most on the team — and 13 touchdowns. He remains a favorite target of Colin Kaepernick and, if he stays healthy, should be playing at a high level for at least a few more years.

It will be interesting to see how Davis does in 2014. The 49ers brought in a boatload of talent at wide receiver this offseason, so much that we might see them run more three- and four-wide receiver sets. That would certainly help Davis’ case for being paid like a wide receiver. He is at his most effective when he’s lined up in the slot, creating mismatches.

With Kaepernick’s long-term future taken care of, Davis’ situation is now the 49ers’ top priority this offseason.

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  • Keith

    He is making over 7 million a year. How can he justify needing to take care or his family when he makes way more in 1 year than all of us that are not in the 1% make in a lifetime. Veron; screw your head on striaght. You are very rich; enjoy it. What difference will another million or 2 make in your lifestyle. Get real.

    • frank

      Keith is correct. It always seems to be something with Davis. The kind of offense Harbaugh is formulating may not require Davis to be the second leading receiver. I think Harbaugh is gong to call Davis bluff and move McDonald or someone else in place to get more blocking help and go with 3 or 4 w/r. Davis better be careful because at 30 he has some value for a trade (before its to late) and the 9ers love to add draft picks and Davis can provide that with two year remaining on his current contract. Getting rid of Davis will help take off some of the hardship Kap’s new contract placed on the 9ers with signing their own roster players. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 9er tried to move Davis and pick up additional draft picks.