Maybe trading Denarius Moore is the best idea for the Raiders


The Oakland Raiders have seen two names on their team associated with trade rumors this off season, Terrelle Pryor and Denarius Moore. Pryor was eventually traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a seventh round pick. That left Moore, the underachieving speedster wideout that has frustrated Raiders coaches and fans alike for years with his inconsistency.

Entering the draft, it looked as though there was a distinct possibility that the Raiders would draft a wide receiver with one of their first two picks. When they did not go wideout, I was convinced that it meant Moore would finish out the final year of his rookie contract with the team that drafted him.

The fact of the matter is, he is still very cheap as a result of being on his rookie deal, and more importantly, his speed is something that you cannot teach. Regardless of how inconsistent he is, defensive coordinators need to account for his speed when he is on the field. On his good days, the Raiders have seen him put up 150 yards and multiple touchdowns. That kind of threat is always good to have even if it doesn’t always back itself up.

But now I am starting to have a change of heart. With the team back working out at organized team activities, reports have been that Andre Holmes is moving into the third wide receiver position behind James Jones and Rod Streater, surpassing Moore in the process. With the addition of Greg Little, the Raiders now have another guy with potential who they can fit into the mix. Little does not have the talent of Moore, but one has to wonder if he has more drive.

One of the problems with Moore has been immaturity and a refusal to focus on the details. Being bumped down to the fourth and possibly even fifth receiver position is not likely going to motivate him to do what he has neglected his entire professional career. The threat of speed off the bench is a great thing to have, but not if opposing coaches know the player’s head is not in the game. If Moore turns into Randy Moss and simply goes through the motions when on the field, he would be of no use to the Raiders.

Now that they have added a guy in Greg Little and Andre Holmes has started to show that the second half of last season may not have been just a blip on the radar, Moore is more expendable. It is not a situation where the Raiders should be in a rush to trade Moore but if the right offer comes around, McKenzie must consider getting a pick for a guy who will almost certainly not be in silver and black come 2015.

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  • TJA

    James: D Moore needs to be held accountable in OTAS , mini camp, training camp, preseason and of course regular season. He should be held to the same standard as the rest of the Raider WRs. Not a double standard for D Moore. Having said this, D Moore is a playa just maybe not for the Raiders this year!!!

  • TJA

    James: To expand, there are other young players too on the roster that are hungry, ie Butler, Criner, Jenkins and Davis that would love the reps and long leash the staff has given D Moore. Still, Moore has talent but needs to sit if he is not playing full speed, missing assignments or starting to drop balls. The coaching staff makes the decisions the
    playas make plays!!

  • TJA

    James: Not to forget too, Andre Holmes as you note is thirsty for additional snaps and has been given some since his Thanksgiving Day explosion in Dallas last year. It seems with Schaub the Raiders are looking for bigger faster more physical WRs !!

  • Raider Craig

    Do I want him to be better? Sure, but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a reason Denarius fell in the draft and was a 5th round pick and not a 1st or 2nd rounder. I think we have to accept who he is. He’s a guy who will make plays, but just won’t be as consistent as a #1 guy. Everyone wants to put the guy down, but he has averaged 700 yards, 6 Td’s and nearly 16 yards per catch, with pretty awful quarterbacks. I personally would like to give the guy a chance with a solid QB like Schaub than to trade him for a 6 or 7th round pick. As a 5th round pick in his rookie deal, he makes pratically nothing. As for OTA stars, I don’t count anything until the pads come on and hitting is allowed.

  • Terrence Healy

    I would have to say, last year watching the Raiders there was nothing more annoying, than hearing Denarious Moore dropped pass, over and over and over. Enough already, this guy is done. Get some one better. He only catches 50 percent at best of what is thrown to him. I have seen him drilled on the numbers, hit dead center and an easy catch and he drops it. Trade him for a draft pick. we do not need someone that only catches 50 percent of the time.

  • Lancer

    I would try a trade for Andre Johnson with Houston Texans.

  • Anonymous

    They need a threat Moore is good if he would get his head in the game but I wouldn’t be mad if they picked up Johnson that would be awsome