Raiders fans need to give up on hopes of trading for Andre Johnson


Over the past few days I have seen a lot of Oakland Raiders fans on various social media talking about the need for the team to trade for Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. For those of you who are holding out hope that Reggie McKenzie will bring Johnson to the Silver and Black, I am here to burst your bubble. For a number of reasons, Johnson will not be a member of the Raiders this season.

First, many of those who want Johnson point to the fact that he would be back with the quarterback who he found success earlier in his career with. When Matt Schaub was at his best, so was Andre Johnson. But if you recall how the 2013 season went down, Schaub and Johnson might not want to play together anymore. As Schaub was witnessing his world collapse around him, Johnson was there yelling at him for it. The two had a number of heated discussions on the sidelines in 2013. That could mean nothing since athletes can often get heated during games, but this was not something that had happened between the two before last season. Could be nothing but assuming the two actually want to play together might be assuming too much.

Second, by all accounts Johnson wants out of Houston because he is getting older and wants a chance to win before he retires. Going to a team in the middle of rebuilding is not exactly the most desirable place for Johnson right now.

Finally, Johnson is nearing the end of his career and trading future draft picks for short term rentals is almost never a good idea. The only time that strategy truly pays off is when your team is only one or two players away from being serious contenders for the Super Bowl. That, is something the Raiders certainly are not.


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  • Aaden Cooper

    Zactly! “Nothing to see here, keep moving.” Good stuff JA.

    • Walter Spargo

      Agree. If the guy walks off the field before time expires because his team is getting beat and whines like this when things don’t go his way, he will be doing that a lot on this team. At least for this season.