Report: Andre Johnson to miss mandatory minicamp


The Andre Johnson drama has reached a new stage. According to the Houston Chronicle, Johnson’s uncle and adviser, Andre Melton, announced that he will be sitting out mandatory minicamp from Tuesday through Thursday,

Melton went on to say that it’s the only thing Johnson can do, and that although he has a strong relationship with Bill O’Brien, they have to wait and see how it turns out.

Johnson can los up to $69,455 and $1 million bonus if he doesn’t attend mini camp, according to the report by the Houston Chronicle.

He will be turning 33 years old next month, and may only have two good seasons left. It seems quite clear he’s asking for the Texans to trade him to a contender, and few could fault Johnson.

If that really is the truth, it would be much easier if he straight up asked for a trade instead of dragging on this drama that’s become a huge distraction for the entire Houston Texans team.

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