Twitter Tuesday: Is the #BillsMafia all in with EJ Manuel?


Is the #BillsMafia all in with EJ Manuel?

There is a great quote from ESPN a few weeks ago, that I somehow missed in my old age, that was brought to my attention from the Amherst Ale House. Of course, because it was about the Bills, the statement can be categorized as negative optimism. Nonetheless, it read:

I am not sure if ESPN thinks this is breaking news, or a ‘gutsy’ prediction but the #BillsMafia already knows we have a loaded offense. We had a loaded offense last season, and now I guess you could call it anti-aircraft artillery. There is almost too much talent on the depth chart to be honest. We have four running backs that are undeniably proven NFL running backs; most teams in the league have a tough time finding one and even more trouble finding two. We have a receiving corps that is deep enough to let our best receiver over the past four seasons go (I mean, I guess, but there was other expendable talent to do away with). And finally, we addressed the final components of putting together a solid starting five on the offensive line in this years draft. This leaves both EJ Manuel, and head coach Doug Marrone for that matter, in a difficult spot with all eyes on them in their sophomore campaigns. According to ESPN, if EJ is mediocre the Bills will be a 20+ point a game team this season. Well, our quarterback committee was mediocre to subpar all last season, and it was a typical Bills record in result. We need a SOLID season from EJ3. Aside from being in uniform, we need EJ to be on point. The Bills do not need the next Jim Kelly, but some Andy Dalton type numbers and performances is what we do need in every way. Solid production at quarterback is top 15 in my book, and EJ definitely has the talent and build (which is key) to be right on the cusp of that mark. This turns 6-10 into 8-8, 9-7, and 10-6 real quick. Whaley and the gang made it damn well clear that they are all in with EJ, giving up the house to get more talent around the kid. Now it is time that we, as the #BillsMafia community, buy in 100% to our signal caller. He is working to make the leap, and training with a guy like Colin Kaepernick that has a league renowned work ethic and that should bring him into that echelon. Here’s to what we have been waiting for since the #16 pick in the 2013 NFL draft. In EJ We Trust.




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