WATCH: Campanaro snag some Joe Flacco bullets


One of the more exciting draft picks for the Ravens came in the last round when they selected a Maryland native in Michael Campanaro.  Campanaro won’t be confused with Mike Evans, but he is effective in his own right and fills a role — slot receiver — from which the Ravens have lacked production.

His arrival on the practice field is a welcome sight, and here you can see him hauling in some tough catches at OTAs.  It is obvious he has very good hands, as he never really lets the ball get to his body.

He will have his competition cut out for him with the Ravens presumably using the Smiths, Jacoby Jones and Marlon Brown before anybody else. But if Campanaro can consistently get separation and provide an easy target for Flacco in the middle of the field, he may be too useful to keep off it.

Take a look at Campanaro wearing the number 6 — something that isn’t technically allowed for wide receivers, so we’ll see how long that lasts.  It is good fun nonetheless.

(Just a suggestion, turn your volume down when playing the video)


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  • concretejimmy

    Where’s the video?

  • Kyle Ottenheimer

    The link to the video is in the embedded Tweet.