Who is the Detroit Lions best kick returner of all time?


One thing that the Detroit Lions always seem to excel at is special teams. Special teams do make up the third key element of the game and over the last 20 seasons the Lions rarely had to worry about their kicking game with the likes of Jason Hanson holding down the fort there at a high level and solid punting by a number of others, most recently Sam Martin. The Lions have also had a great run of return artists in their fold.

Mel Gray was my personal favorite, catching the ball on the run and often changing the game in a heartbeat. In his time with Detroit, Gray returned five kicks for touchdowns and two punts all the way as well. He still is the Lions all time leader in yardage for both kick and punt returns.

Gray wasn’t alone though as Lions fans have also had the pleasure of watching Desmond Howard, Lem Barney, Eddie Drummond and most recently Jeremy Ross alter the course of a game with their skills. There’s even Terry Fair who failed as a cornerback after being drafted above Randy Moss, but actually made the pro bowl as a kick returner during his rookie season.

You could also bring up Pete Mandley as a punt returner and Alvin Hall as a kick returner as well. The point is, the Lions have faired pretty well in the returns department, but who was your favorite of all time?

Vote here, or tell me who you think it was and why in the comments section.

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  • homerinDetroit

    Not even close… why ask?

  • Jeremy Mackinder

    Thanks for reading homerinDetroit, I agree, Mel Gray was the best. But, as we can obviously see from above, not everyone thinks so, and that is why the question was asked.

  • qbdraw

    You’d have to be 68 years old (like me) to remember Tommy Watkins, but he was a pretty awesome return man. Not a lot of speed, but fantastic moves – a thrill to watch… Lem also provided great entertainment, but Mel Gray was the best. Didn’t Walter’s older brother Eddie have some moments too? Only played 8 games for the Lions but had one punt and one kickoff return each for TDs… (averaged 25+ for kickoffs and 10+ for punt returns…) Should have never let Mel Gray go, but that’s what the Lions do… right?