Grading the Houston Texans quarterback situation handling


In this week’s edition of “Grade Day,” we will be looking at the Houston Texans in terms of how management had handled the quarterback situation, which is controversial, to say the least.

For starters, new head coach Bill O’Brien named Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback¬†for the 2014 season. The choice alone should be considered controversial, considering how he had 14 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and eight fumbles last season. Fitzpatrick has 106 touchdowns and 93 interceptions in his career along with 31 fumbles.

The Texans had terrible quarterbacks last season, combining for 19 touchdowns against 22 interceptions. Adding Fitzpatrick’s inconsistency is a major question mark. O’Brien and the Texans coaches have to work with him by cutting down the turnovers.

While that was a head-scratcher, another questionable decision was to release T.J. Yates. Indeed, he was playing as a backup or fill-in the last two seasons, we can’t forget his 2011 season. Yes, he only started eight games and had three touchdowns and three interceptions, but this is the same man who was a rookie and led the Texans to their first playoff appearance and win in franchise history.

He did pretty well for someone who was forced to take over for Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart, and probably deserved another chance to start. But the Texans released him yesterday.

Naming Fitzpatrick the starter and giving up on Yates too soon are certainly questionable moves by the Texans. We still need to see if these moves turn out, but for the time being, it’s hard to agree with management on these decisions.

Grade: D-

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  • A Texan

    Hey; No problem. We just may be on our way to another first round pick. Fumbles, interceptions are not new for this team. Unwanted linebackers for other teams are just what we need. Situation normal.

  • Another Texan

    Yates was over rated. the pplayoff win was because of JJ Watt not Yates. there was no clear cut starter amongst those 4 so he went with who was the best and most experienced. 2 years and Savage will be in place and hopefully using his Roethelisberger size and Cannon for an arm to help the Texans win.

  • richard v.

    the QB thing here sucks==don’t be surprise if matt has a great season with the raiders ==sure matt had a bad season but look what you got now==I don’t care for matt but he would be better than what we have now==he just needed a kick in the butt==

  • denisrford

    Of all the QB’we had, TJ was the best. He never had a chance last year. Each time he was called in the offensive line was too rattled to be effective and the opponents defense was amped up.