Let’s cool off the Jason Garrett “hot-seat” talk


For Jason Garrett and the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys things never seem to change. Garrett’s continued tenure as the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys has been a reoccurring theme.

This time last year it seemed to fans and media members alike that one thing was clear, if the Cowboys failed to have a successful season, if the failed to get into the playoffs for a third consecutive year, that Garrett and the rest of the coaching staff would be replaced.

That wasn’t the case though. The Cowboys missed out on the playoffs in the same fashion they had in 2012, they lost the last game of the season to a division rival to miss out on the chance to the playoffs. Despite all that, it seemed apparent very early on after the end of the regular season that replacing Garrett never seemed to be a direction that Dallas was going to go.

Sure the coaching staff got shook up a bit, Scott Linehan and mike pope were hired. Rod Marinelli became defensive coordinator but it was all about building a future Behind Jason Garrett.

This year Garrett and the staff’s future again look just as dim. The team’s schedule next year is tough, all the coaches have one year deals, the defensive line is a wreck and Tony Romo had back surgery this offseason. Not to mention the injury to Sean Lee.

I understand fans wanting to win and I understand the media thinking that Jerry Jones is an emotional owner that doesn’t take kindly to losing. What I don’t understand is the continued questioning of Garrett’s status and why it again seems like a forgone conclusion he will be gone save if the cowboys don’t make the playoffs.

Getting rid of Jason Garrett isn’t as simple as shipping him and the staff out and replacing them with new people. The entire philosophy of the team would change. The scouts and the front office would all have to totally change how they do business to correspond with how the new coach and his staff wants to run things.

The allure of the unknown is always tempting. It is easy to say get rid of Garrett and just bring in someone else but who would that be?

Who would command the respect of the owner Jerry Jones the way that Garrett already does? Everything about how the Cowboys conduct themselves in the front office has changed sense Garrett became head coach.

Are those of you who think Jerry does too much and has too much power really all that eager to see what would happen if everything were started over from ground zero with he and another coach?

Jones’ son Stephen and the team’s starting quarterback are both in favor of Garrett. If you are Jones really go through the agony of upsetting two of the most important people in the organization by not retaining Garrett?

Jones has stated on several occasions that he wants to see improvement and success from this team but that what the media and fans judge success might not be how he judges it when it comes time to decide on the future of this teams coaching staff.

Instead of asking how good the team has to be in order for Garrett to keep his job, the better question might be just what does he have to do to get fired?

The Cowboys have been spoiled. Because of whom they have playing quarterback they have been in a position to compete for playoff spots they had no real business competing for.

How bad would this team have been for Garrett if they hadn’t had Romo behind center? The word rebuilding would have been thrown around a lot.

I’m not saying that team can stink and Garrett will still be around. I just think that if the Cowboys find themselves in a similar situation as last year and are plagued with injuries but still manage to be in a position to make it to the playoffs it shouldn’t be that big surprise anyone if Garrett gets an extension. Not when it’s already happened.

What fate awaits Garrett next off season is anyone’s guess, but for now can we just cool it with the hot seat questions?

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