Mailbag: Are there teeter totter feelings about the 2014 Bills?


First off, I want to say thank you to all #Billsmafia supporters! We are making noise, making our voices and opinions heard. The consistency of the #Billsmafia voice is what matters. Keep this up! Thank you for all of the questions and input, you make our job easier! The past day on the #Billsmafia Facebook page has delivered a few points that are worthy of commenting on. From player performance predictions, to insecurity at the QB position along with the irrelevance of the Buffalo Bills in the first place! Let’s take a look.

Sanford Neal

Last year the Bills drafted EJ and the Jets drafted Geno. Two high draft picks with great potential. This year the Jets brought in veteran Mike Vick and free agent rookie Tosh Boyd. The Bills didn’t make any more moves at QB. Do you think it will hurt us?

I can understand the potential concern there. It was difficult to watch Jeff Tuel after EJ went down in Cleveland, and I don’t know if Thad Lewis is the answer to our future either. When the Jets get a veteran, they go after a high profile player like Michael Vick. The Bills brought in Dennis Dixon. Outside looking in, that does raise a few questions and concerns for me. @ejmanuel has all the tools that he needs to grow in Buffalo. He has a dedicated coaching staff that has worked hard with him this off season to get him game ready. So many doubts are aimed towards Manuel due to the overall result of his 2013 season. Regardless of what did or didn’t happen in 2013, 2014 is going to be different. E J has now experienced an NFL season and has learned that he needs to protect his future and not try to be a hero sometimes. The scramble game is great and being elusive in the pocket will be vital to his success, but the hits aren’t the same as they were in college. The running lanes that remained open now close, and the corners that had been turned are shut down. Although a lot of pressure is placed upon Manuel leading into this season, if he remains focused and healthy, I believe the Bills will be in the 2014 Playoffs.

That is a perfect transition into the next question….

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Are the Buffalo Bills being overlooked in the AFC East?


Jazz Staggers Yes we are which I like being under the radar no expectations I love it


Jerry Rice Obviously.

Diane Ringer Always and eternally! and it’s really ok! We know what we’ve got here!

It’s the same story year in and year out with us Bills fans isn’t it? We have hopes and dreams of returning to the playoffs, just to be ruled out of the picture before the first half of the season is over. I don’t care what any past Bills teams did or didn’t do. The Around the League Podcast talked about how the Bills are a team that is already being counted out of playoff contention. They pointed a lot of fingers at E J Manuel and his performance this upcoming season. I agree that a lot of a team’s success will come back ultimately to the play of the QB, but the Seahawks showed us last year that a stud Defense can be a game changer! Let’s let the defense build EJ up! I would rather have EJ play inconsistently in OTA’s and get the cobwebs than have him throw 3 interceptions in a playoff game come this winter. That is what the off-season is for people! PRACTICE!

Let’s talk about Buffalo Bills Defensive Player Aaron Williams

Jeremy KoolBreeze Johnson

He had a great season last year…. will he take his game to the next level this season??? I think so!! Do you?

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The Bills have been mixing and matching pieces to their puzzle in a few areas this offseason. First was the transition of #thelegendofkiko from ILB to OLB and now the potential permanent transition of CB Aaron Williams to the Safety position. I have to agree with the overwhelming #Billsmafia response on this one saying that it was a good move. I thought this response said it short and sweet, thanks Rob.

Rob Schubring stud safety… average CB

In my experience watching Aaron Williams I would have to agree that the CB position just didn’t seem comfortable for him. He is a very aggressive player and is extremely athletic but it almost looked like he was a step behind when it came to shadowing his mark. The guy is a hard hitter and was fun to watch when he was anticipating a throw and the route to take in pursuit of a ball in the air. His inexperience was visible at the safety position last year as it should be with the difference in footwork with the position change. At the NFL level any little tweak can make the biggest difference for a player in his career. With the addition of Cockrell to the CB squad and Searcy developing into a solid player, Williams will have the ability to focus and excel at the new position. If we have a healthy Stephon Gilmore, this defense will take the NFL by storm!

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