MAILBAG: Is Chris Conte done?


There’s a lot of Brock Vereen love going around these days with good reason. The rookie safety is running with the first team defense and seems to be performing well according to the coaches. Our mailbag focuses on the potential fall out from Vereen’s early success.


Will Chris Conte even make this team? – John in Wrigleyville

It’s still too early to speculate but he needs to come back healthy at the start of training camp to fight for a roster spot. I would say he makes it even if Vereen is a starter because no matter how bad people think Conte is, he’s a better player than M.D. Jennings.


You going with Clausen or Palmer? – Bridgette in South Loop

As crazy as it sounds, I’m rolling with Jimmy Clausen. He has a similar road to Josh McCown and I favor the guy who has had some starting experience. Look, I know he was terrible in Carolina but we just don’t know what to expect from Jordan Palmer and do you trust him if he’s forced to go into a game?


Can we trust Jay Cutler to stay healthy? – Tom in Nashville

Right now you are going to have to. Before Cutler got to Chicago, he was a very durable quarterback. It was the poor offensive line and all those hits he took that forced his body to breakdown. He says he started training early this year in an effort to be in better shape and he’s one year wiser. Let’s all hope he can stay out there for a full 16 this year.


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  • Dino

    Isn’t it dangerous to ategorically blame past O lines for Cutler’s injuries? Focus on the fact that Cutler may be unavailable for part of the season because of another injury, regardless of fault. The Bears have seemingly opted to defer to their ability to be quarterback whisperers rather than signing a pricey backup QB. This is a decision that is debatable.