Maurice Jones Drew says he is in best shape of his life after considering retirement


Oakland Raiders running back Maurice Jones Drew contemplated retiring before he signed a contract to join the Silver and Black. Back in 2011, he had a career year as he led the NFL in rushing with over 1,600 yards. Then everything came crashing down after an injury that resulted in two very sub par years for the man dubbed “Pocket Hercules” because of the power he exhibits despite his diminutive stature.

When looking back on how he played in 2013, MJD realized how limited he was. “Part of it was, just physically, I wasn’t able to do some of the same things I’m used to doing.” That realization made MJD question whether or not he should continue his NFL career or simply hang up the boots after doing what many believed a man his size could not: dominate the NFL. “For awhile, I was contemplating retirement because I just didn’t feel like I had it anymore.”

But that has all changed now that MJD has committed to playing again. It started back in January while most around the NFL were focused on the playoffs. MJD began his workouts, which include running up a steep 500 yard hill once a week. Now, as a result of the hard work he put in during the off season, MJD is ready to go. “I’m in the best shape of my life now, running fast, running hills, pulling sleds, cutting, jumping. I’ve rededicated myself to my craft again.”

Maurice Jones Drew has defied the odds in the past becoming a star NFL running back despite only standing at 5’7 tall. Now he will try and defy the odds once again by having a bounce back year at the age of 29 when most NFL backs begin to see a drastic decline in their abilities.

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