The St. Louis Rams are turning the running back job into a competition…sort of


Our senior editors just named incumbent Rams starting running back Zac Stacy a top-10 NFL starter, so you would think his job would be safe, right?

The answer is probably still yes, but offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is pushing for an open competition at the position in OTA’s and seems likely to do the same when training camp opens in late July. As ESPN’s Nick Wagoner reports, Stacy shouldn’t be too worried about losing his starting job. Rather, this “competition” seems to be geared more toward – pardon my French – lighting a fire under the ass of the rest of the young running backs on the roster.

From the article:

Before you go crossing Stacy’s name off your list of potential fantasy football picks, though, it should be noted that pushing the competition angle is a common refrain in the coach’s playbook, especially at this time of the year. In theory, every job is up for grabs. In execution, it’s a solid ploy to ensure that everybody brings their best to the practice field on a daily basis.

So as Wagoner says, don’t remove Stacy from your fantasy football draft board just yet. But maybe keep a close eye on his backups to see who his handcuff might be.



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