Brandon Flowers is not coming to the Detroit Lions


Brandon Flowers is not coming to the Detroit Lions. In a NFL world where anything is possible, I’d say this is as likely as Peyton Manning not winning the starting quarterback job in Denver. Flowers is not a good fit for the Lions defensive scheme and there is not cap space for the team to take on a pro bowl cornerback’s salary.

Flowers was cut in Kansas City largely due to his over $7 million salary. There are also questions about his ability to play press coverage which is something that the Lions will be focused on with new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. Flowers is going to make a great deal of money somewhere this year, and his skill set is not something that the Lions are looking for at this time.

So, while it seems nice to go out and grab a player like Flowers to shore up an apparent weakness on the Lions, it doesn’t make sense in this case. Not even if Ndamukong Suh’s contract is extended and the Lions suddenly have salary cap room will this happen. What you’re looking at on the depth chart for cornerbacks right now is almost certain to be what the Lions play the 2014 season with. Darius Slay has to become the top flight cornerback that the Lions believe he is or it will be a mess back there. Like I said though, anything is possible.

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