Did Terrell Suggs get new teeth?


Terrell Suggs has been making headlines this offseason for the work he put in to prepare, stating that last season, his body wore down a bit late.  As a result, he set out to come into minicamp noticeably stronger, and claims that at age 31, he feels as young as ever.

However, it seems Suggs’ physique isn’t his only makeover.  And full disclosure, this one is a bit weirder and not at all football related…

A Reddit user posted an astute observation on Thursday, pointing out a noticeable aesthetic difference with the Ravens intimidating pass rusher…

If we are going to be perfectly honest, part of the sheer madness of Terrell Suggs was embodied within his appearance.  Almost appearing otherworldly, it was as if Terrell Suggs was sent from a far away galaxy to terrorize  quarterbacks.

Here was Terrell Suggs after one particularly joyous conquer:



Here is Suggs at Ravens minicamp the past few weeks:

18_SuggsFinishStronger_news_opt (1)


I will admit, the new look is far easier on the eyes.  And for someone who aspires to break into Hollwood, perhaps this will make the transition all the easier.

As long as Terrell Suggs is ready to dominate opposing offensive linemen, I could care less what his teeth look like.

However, in the offseason, a little harmless sleuthing can be a nice respite.

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