Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez does not want STD records released


News broke yesterday that the two lawyers representing former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez have filed a request to obtain the medical records from his time with the team. Assumedly the lawyers hope that the records will help prove Hernandez innocent in the multitude of charges levied against him. How they plan to prove innocence with medical records is beyond us though.

One interesting note from the official request is the lack of Hernandez’ approval for “HIV/STD records” to be released. The more rational side of me would like to give Hernandez the benefit of the doubt and not jump to any conclusions… Perhaps the HIV/STD records would have nothing to do with his hopes of innocence. But isn’t it more fun to speculate?

Check out the official request documents here and see for yourself.

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  • GuyJ

    Its a standard form and release per HIPPA. Most people dont check it off. He has enough problems already, no need to create additional media hype