I Hate Thursday: Goodbye T.J. Yates, Hello Ryan Fitzpatrick


In this week’s edition of “I Hate Thursday” we recap the Houston Texans and their decision to say good-bye to T.J. Yates while giving Ryan Fitzpatrick the nod to become the team starter.

I did already have some form of a take on this yesterday, but I will try to explain more in-depth as to why this is a mistake.

First off, yes Yates wasn’t as good as advertised. In 2011, when he led the team to its first ever playoff win before bowing out in the AFC Divisional Round, his stats were not impressive. In six games he had just 949 passing yards and three touchdowns with three interceptions and four fumbles.

Yates did not have good stats, but what mattered was that he won games for the Texans as a rookie. Yates had seen very limited playing time in the past two seasons, coming on in relief for Matt Schaub for the most part. However, he’s still fairly young (27) and had more experience learning from the bench.

Texans management should have had more patience with him. But they let him go too soon.

Now Ryan Fitzpatrick, who hasn’t even played a down with this team, is being named the starting quarterback. Fitzpatrick has 93 interceptions and 31 fumbles in his career, which is simply unacceptable. The Texans quarterbacks threw 22 picks last year, and Fitzpatrick has not shown that he can cut down on the picks.

So the team traded the young T.J.Yates to the Atlanta Falcons who could have shined if he had the opportunity to try again and decided to move forward with a turnover-machine quarterback. I don’t have any confidence in Fitzpatrick, and I’m sure it’s hard for Texans fans to have much faith in him too.

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  • Dustin S

    Nobody has thrown a pass for this team… New coaching staff, new playbook, new players…You have no idea what this offense is going to look like. So I think the coaches know who would do best in this system. Plus I truly believe they gave Fitz the starting position due to experience. There is a lot of time, practice and pre-season football before they go to Washington. In that time the best qb of the group will shine!

  • Slim

    Worst mistake so far this year. You all say Yates didn’t have big numbers, you forget he was playing a limited playbook and not calling the plays himself. He was not allowed to use as many pass plays as Schaub had and so he couldn’t put up the numbers. T.J. Yates should have been the starter last year. We would likely have made it deeper in the playoffs instead of deeper in the hole. McNair was so busy throwing his ownership weight around that he wouldn’t let Kubiac play Yates and made him put Kenum in way before he was ready to play at the NFL level. But owner knows best. (NOT)