The completely unsurprising return of Marshawn Lynch


Holy crap you guys, I was really worried there for a while. Marshawn Lynch hadn’t shown up at OTA’s when they were voluntary, and I was worried that we were going to have to call Julius Jones to come in and fill in. Or maybe Edgerrin James. But either way we had to figure out a replacement for him.

Ok, if you couldn’t pick up the sarcasm in that little paragraph, I have a bridge to sell you.

beware the trolls

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Lynch is, as of Tuesday, back at practice. Although he’s not participating because of a “sore ankle,” he has reported in and is still part of the team activities. Marshawn Lynch is not going anywhere. Not this season anyway, but more on that later.

For those of you that WERE worried about this, you need to settle down and get real. Marshawn Lynch skips stuff all the time. He didn’t even go to the White House with the rest of the team. He has marginal attendance at best at everything that isn’t mandatory. But guess what? It WORKS for him. That’s just how some people roll. He gives 110% on the field, and that’s what’s important.

Guess what else, you guys? Even IF he didn’t show up, we’d still have a damn good offense. Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are both damn good running backs, and with the way that the coaches are talking about Michael, Lynch’s time as starter might be coming into its twilight hours anyway. C-Mike’s cuts are simply ridiculous.

The moral of this story is this; don’t freak out when a guy who regularly missed voluntary activities doesn’t show up for voluntary activities. Especially when we have two guys who were specifically drafted as insurance for the quirky star.

We’re still Super Bowl Champions guys, and so far I don’t see anything that will change that.

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