Top 5 games on the Seattle Seahawks 2014 schedule


Is it football yet? No? Alright then, let’s keep imagining that the NFL season is just around the corner. There’s only about seven weeks left before preseason begins and it’s time to start looking at the Seahawks upcoming schedule for our favorite matchups.

Here are the top five regular season Seahawks games that we’re looking forward to in 2014:

5. vs. Green Bay – September 4th

The home opener after a championship is always an amazing spectacle. On top of that, this game kicks off the entire NFL season and features two teams that might very well meet in the NFC Championship come January. If you need even more motivation to watch, this will be the rematch of the fabled Fail Mary game.

Remember this insanity?

Since then the Seahawks have won the Super bowl and the Packers have won two more NFC North titles. These two teams may be competing at the top of their conference for years to come and I have a feeling that a serious rivalry is in the making.

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