Top-5: Things Johnny Manziel should buy with his new contract


Many of us have fantasies of suddenly having millions of dollars. But because that’s never going to happen, we instead look at athletes who do suddenly get rich quick, and we plan for them. Johnny Manziel just got a new contract, so what should his first purchases be?

5. Bodyguard

This first item is purely to keep him out of trouble. I know his track record when it comes to getting in confrontations (arrested for assault before his Heisman winning season) and I know he’s not scared of them. A bodyguard would really come in handy for Manziel, not as much for protection (because I feel like he can hold his own in a fight), but to stop him from fighting all together.

4 Chauffeur

Much like the bodyguard, a chauffeur is another way that Johnny can keep himself out of trouble, and help me sleep soundly at night.  Once again, Manziel’s reputation when it comes to drinking and partying precedes himself (the swan incident among other things). Johnny cant take that chance of going out and not having a dependable ride home, because the last thing we need is for our quarterback of the future to get a DUI. Relying on taxis is also not the greatest idea, so a chauffeur would be a perfect way to ensure that Manziel makes it home safely every night.

3. Winter Clothes

As any good Clevelander knows, the winter months in the city, when it comes to the weather, are downright horrendous. It’s cold, snowy, and just all-around miserable. That wasn’t so much the case in College Station. Last year, the average temperature at A&M over the key winter months (December, January, February) was 62.6 degrees. Comparatively, the average winter temperature in Cleveland during those same months was 36.6 degrees. As a result, mister Manziel might want to invest in some jackets, snow boots and long underwear, or else he’ll be in for a brutal first winter in Cleveland.

2. Another Receiver

Now admittedly, this one may be a little bit out of his price range, but if he can afford it he should pull the trigger. Assuming that he’s without Josh Gordon, Manziel’s receiving core (whenever he makes his first start), is looking pretty bare right now. His top option is tight end Jordan Cameron, who faded down the stretch after a hot start to 2013. After that, his next top options are Andrew Hawkins (unproven), Miles Austin (past his prime) and Anthony Armstrong (did he ever have a prime?). With those as his top recievers, why not use that contract to go out and get another guy to throw to? Again, it may be out of Money Manziel’s price range, but I think if he needs to, he could get a loan from Drake in the mean time.

1. Dinners for His Offensive Linemen.

Here’s the big one, because not only is Manziel a quarterback, but he’s a rookie quarterback who’s unproven in the NFL. Many times, the downfall of a heavily hyped quarterback is a lack of protection from the offensive line and a numerous amount of sacks. The first guy who comes to mind is David Carr, who consistently led the league in getting sacked over his career. Luckily for Manziel, he’s got one of the best offensive lines in the league, anchored by center Alex Mack and left tackle Joe Thomas. They’re going to keep him out of a lot of trouble, so why not reward them with a couple of steak dinners?

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