Do any Oakland Raiders have top-10 trade value in the NFL right now?


The sports world has been abuzz in recent days with reports surfacing about what NBA teams would be willing to give up in order to acquire the services of Kevin Love. Apparently, the Timberwolves are going to rake in a nice haul when they eventually trade the power forward.

That got the staff at cover32 thinking about an important question: What players in the NFL would demand the most in return if they were put on the trading block?

As the debate raged, a couple of things became central to conversation:

1. The Player’s Position – Not surprisingly, the most valuable trade commodities tended to play a position that also attracts the biggest contracts. Why? Because a) they have a tremendous impact on the game and b) they are hard to find. For those reasons, quarterbacks, cornerbacks, offensive tackles, pass rushers and wide receivers make up the majority of the list.

2. Quality Time Left – Using Jimmy Johnson’s “QTL” quotient is another way of saying that age plays a factor. If a player has a decade of greatness ahead of them, they are worth more than a guy who would be a rent-a-player for a year or two. Sure, the right team might give up a lot to have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady for one season; but they only hold that value with a select group of franchises, not across the board.

One thing that didn’t carry much weight was the player’s current contract situation. They’re all going to get paid big money in relatively short order, if they aren’t already earning a hefty paycheck, and any team in the league would make room for them under the cap to get them on the roster. So while dollars matter in almost every other scenario in life, they don’t factor much into this list.

To see how things shook out, click here.

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