VIDEO: Terrelle Pryor and his marvelously long legs


Today is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s 25th birthday. A young burgeoning NFL star is sure to have a tremendous time celebrating his birthday, but the best gift is one Pryor is earning for himself: it now seems that he has a legitimate shot to make the Seahawks final 53 man roster for 2014.

Mini-camp closed out yesterday and observers have been quite high on Pryor’s performance lately after a shaky start. According to Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times, Pryor has been putting in a great deal of time with Russell Wilson in the film room – as much as 12 hours per day, and the influence is rubbing off. Pryor had this to say about his QB1:

We definitely think alike, in terms of hard work, Russell’s a great guy, a very friendly guy, a great person to be around. We’re beyond watching tape of the Green Bay game (the season opener). We’re already looking at division games. I love the way he prepares. We’re pushing each other.”

That work is paying off. Head coach Pete Carroll and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell have both gone out of their way to praise Pryor recently, and with the news that the Seahawks cut quarterback Keith Price earlier this week, it appears that Pryor is in the running for the backup job.

A lot of analysts have speculated that Pryor may be better off playing wide receiver or tight end, but Pryor says he’s been a quarterback his whole life and he doesn’t know how to catch the ball or run with it. That last bit is definitely not true, as you’ll see in ths highlight reel from Pryor’s 2013 season with the Raiders.

He may still have a long way to go in developing his passing game, but talent like that may force its way onto the roster one way or another. Did Pryor make our list of offseason winners? Check to find out here.

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