Wait, Khalil Mack looks BETTER than expected? What in the what?


The Oakland Raiders have finished their final offseason workout of the year and among the many tidbits of information being discussed was some rather surprising news about first round pick Khalil Mack. According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, there is a sense among the coaches, scouts and front office that Mack is even better than they believed when they drafted him with the number five pick of this year’s NFL Draft.

Leading into the draft, many believed that Mack was the second best player in the draft. Most likely the Raiders felt the same way as there were reports he was extremely high on their list with perhaps only Jadeveon Clowney being rated higher. But at the time, people believed there was little to no chance that Mack would be on the board by the time the Raiders picked.

And then he was.

So how on Earth could a guy who was thought that highly of be exceeding expectations in minicamp? Here is what a few players had to say about their impressions of Mack:

“Sometimes he moves like a defensive back. It’s crazy for a guy like that to be doing that. He has a motor that’s relentless.” – Donald Penn

“It will be great to see him in action when it really goes down. We all have high hopes for him, because he’s only going to make us better as a team.” – Charles Woodson

“I think he’s going to be special. He has a great work ethic and obviously a ton of talent. And he asks a lot of questions, which is exactly what rookies should do.” – Justin Tuck

It was expected that Mack would come in and make a difference for this team, but the talk sounds like guys coaching and playing with him realize he could be truly special. Not just a good player who will improve a team, but a great player who could make a huge difference. And that is exactly what the Raiders need. On a roster that is much improved from the past two years, the Raiders are still missing that super star. From the talk coming out of minicamp, they may have found that in Mack.

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