Could Jarvis Landry land the Dolphins #3 WR job?


As the spring game capped the end of a solid minicamp for Miami, one standout that I expected to see great things from was Jarvis Landry. Landry had a great minicamp all the way through, but he stood out in the spring game specifically as the leading receiver overall in receptions (with 5) and receiving yards (with 67 yards). There are quotes from Mike Wallace specifically saying that Landry was playing like a 3 or 4-year veteran. This speaks volumes to the caliber player that Landry is already establishing himself as. This begins to stir serious conversation as to whether Landry will possibly find himself as the #3 WR behind Wallace and Hartline.

With stats that Landry brings from LSU last year that are impressive, to say the least, the Dolphins had reason to believe they got a gem of a player for a 3rd rounder out of the draft, but this minicamp I believe helped sure up that he has strong upside as a rookie for this upcoming season. Landry had almost 1200 yards receiving last season (1193) with 77 receptions and 10 TDs. As a slot receiver, he had some of the surest hands in college football. This ability to go get the football was shown well in the spring game as he had a couple of good snags across the middle for first downs, and that definitely is appealing to any quarterback that his receiver can go up and get the ball even if its slightly off target. Landry has been constantly knocked for his lack of height at 5’11” and his lack of breakaway speed, but at the slot position he has found a great spot to utilize his physical catching ability in order to increase his chances of grabbing a starting spot next season.

As of right now, it seems that Landry is competing for the #3 spot with Brandon Gibson and it will be a competition that I see being all the way through the preseason up until week 1 against the Pats. But this kind of competition is a fantastic thing for the Dolphins that weren’t present in the WR position last season. Landry has definitely shown his upside since the day he began work with the organization, and might prove to be the best pick out of the 2014 draft for the Miami Dolphins.

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