Rewind: Vince Young’s career, Justin Hunter’s progress and more


In case you missed it: Columns from the cover32 universe to catch up on anything and everything from the Tennessee Titans this week along with national featured columns you may enjoy.

Tennessee Titans

– Quotable Monday: Dexter McCluster is the Tennessee Titans’ Swiss Army knife (READ)

– Saying goodbye to Vince Young’s career (READ)

– Twitter Tuesday: Tennessee Titans seeking pass-rush help? (READ)

– Chris Johnson to make Tennessee Titans “regret letting (him) go” (READ)

– I love…Justin Hunter’s progress (READ)

– Picking apart cover32’s Tennessee Titans’ receiving corps rankings (READ)

– Grade Day: Ken Whisenhunt gets a solid A for calling his players out (READ)

– Facebook Friday: Digital playbook will help team before training camp (READ)

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