Ten best long-shot bets to win the Super Bowl this season


This week, the wise guys in Vegas released the latest odds to win Super Bowl XLIX. And the usual suspects were at the top of the list, with the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers the co-favorites at 5-1 and the Denver Broncos just behind them at 11-2.

Taking any of those teams is probably a smart wager, if there is such a thing, but it’s not a lot of fun. It’s like betting on California Chrome; sure, it pays off, but the lack of upside sort of takes the fun out of it.

Instead, it’s more enjoyable to search for “value” on the board. Find a team that had a bad season in 2013, but is poised to rebound this year. Grab them at long odds and then root like heck for four months that the dark horse comes in.

Will they? Probably not. But when the potential return is 40-1 or better, it’s worth a shot. That’s why they call it gambling, right?

So with that in mind, here are the best long shots on the board, just in case a trip to Vegas is on the horizon:


10. Cleveland Browns (70-1)

2014 NFL Draft
Jump in on Manziel Mania!

Is this buying into the Johnny Football hype? Yep. Lock, stock and barrel, it’s going all in on Manziel as the quarterback to resurrect the Browns. But that’s not the only reason that things could turn around quickly in Cleveland. This is a team that boast five Pro Bowl players from a season ago; they just need a quarterback. That’s the same formula that Kansas City followed from 2012 to ’13, which led to a huge turnaround.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (75-1)

The Bucs have retooled nicely

Obviously, there’s a lot that would have to go right, in short order, for this to come to fruition. But it’s hard not to like what Tampa Bay did this offseason. First off, Lovie Smith is a very good coach. Second, they landed a capable veteran quarterback in Josh McCown. Third, they signed some solid free agents, including Alterraun Verner and Anthony Collins. And finally, drafting wideout Mike Evans. The cupboard has been restocked for the Bucs.


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  • Lewis

    If the Eagles won the NFC East last year and improved over the off season, (yes im taking into account the loss of Jackson) why wouldnt they be on the list?

    • sabrecat

      Ummm…….because MAYBE they are not considered a LONG SHOT? Did you read and comprehend the title that said the ten best LONGSHOTS to reach the SB

      • dk

        Another way to look at it is this:
        The Cowboys have won several Super Bowls
        The JEWskins (not offensive) has won some Super Bowls
        The Giants have won some Super Bowls
        The Eagles ha…….well…..they have NOT won a Super Bowl or anything really

        • chee2424

          Correction, the eagles haven’t won a super bowl. They have won 5 nfl titles and so has the redskins. The Giants have the most titles in the division. The nfl is nearly 100 you can’t disregard titles because of a name change.

  • Pat Roche

    I spit coffee through my nose when I turned the page and saw the Jets. Key word in the article is “Longshots”.

  • Pat Barclay

    You must LOVE Johnny Manziel. Browns have only made the playoffs once since their return to the NFL, most years haven’t even sniffed it. With Josh Gordon likely suspended for the year, they have broke down Miles Austin as their leading wideout candidate. To take the Browns over teams like the Ravens (40-1), Chiefs (40-1), Redskins (50-1) etc. etc. is ludicrous.

  • Me

    Von Miller was supposed to miss all of last season but only missed six games (because of suspension). Gordon will have his penalty reduced. Goodell reduces suspensions 95% of the time.

  • dave

    How is the Chargers schedule easy? They are playing the NFC west (niners, hawks, cardinals, rams) as well as playing the broncos and chiefs twice each??????? Not much effort put into that portion of this article….wow.

    • Anonymous

      Ya I think they have a good chance to beat them, but thats the hardest schedule I’ve ever seen.

  • concretejimmy

    More Ravens hate from this dump of a page. Ravens 40-1. Take it. A lot of stupid people actually thought Luck was going to come in to Baltimore and win. The Ravens peed on them.

  • concretejimmy

    I’m surprised the Steelers aren’t on here. But the Cowboys at 50-1. Yeah, go right ahead. I’m surprised the Jets are on here at 65-1. Good bet.