Brandon Flowers will pick his new team by the middle of the week


It’s not often a cornerback with the potential to shutdown top end wide receivers becomes available on the open market, but such is the case with Brandon Flowers. By now, we know his first visit was with the San Diego Chargers, but Flowers left the facility without a deal and has been weighing his options. Along with the Chargers, Flowers has drawn interest from the Falcons and Ravens, and most recently he has been rumored to be visiting Pittsburgh.

What the Chargers can offer is the opportunity to play on a legitimate contender, the chance to play his former team twice, and a chance to make a real difference in San Diego’s weakest unit.

The Falcons have the sexy skill position players on offense, but need a lot of defensive help. Atlanta needs more than Flowers to become good enough on defense to be a real threat in 2014.

The Ravens and Steelers are perennial powers with a pedigree of championship defensive units. If the price is right, Flowers most likely has both of these teams in play. The key for San Diego will be giving Flowers a big-time pay increase in subsequent years of whatever deal they are offering. Outside of that, the Bolts have to hope Flowers wants to stick it to the Chiefs in the coming years. We should know in a few days.

Where do you think Flowers winds up?

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