Want to cover the Raiders? Earn a position writing for cover32 Raiders


With our site approaching the one year mark of existence, we have experienced a lot of growth and changes. Luckily for myself and the Raider Nation, we have had a great group of writers who have contributed to the site over the months. But as many NFL teams can attest to, the problem with having good talent is that they can test the free agent market and get poached by bigger sites.

So now that the NFL is on a one month hiatus, I figured it was a good time for me to search the free agent wire for new writers to replace those who are now plying their trade elsewhere.

SO, are you a die hard Raiders fan who drives his friends and family nuts because it is all you talked about? Do you enjoy expressing your creativity through writing? Are you hoping to get into journalism and are looking for some writing experience? Now is your chance to win a spot with the cover32 Raiders writing staff.

TWO WRITING SAMPLES (must write both):

1) Write a news piece based on the following headline: Daren McFadden arrives at training camp with a walking boot

The piece must be at least 200 words long. Otherwise how you handle writing it is up to you.

2) Write a piece with your own topic.

This piece will be longer, at least 500 words. No other rules here either.


There will also be a combine where you will be put through various writing drills to be done while wearing only Under Armour.

Kidding. That is just what Amy wishes we were doing. You can send your submissions to cover32Raiders@gmail.com

I will be contacting anyone whose writing samples lead me to believe they could have a future with cover32.

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  • Raider Arlin

    You lost me at walking boot.

  • Brian mcclelland

    Where do I send to??

  • will

    is there a dead line?
    and if so what is the date?

    • James Arcellana

      Hey Will, as of now there is no deadline. I will likely add one later but for now I want as many pieces to choose from as I can find. But you should get it in sooner rather than later. Thanks for the interest!

      • Jordan

        Are you still looking to fill this spot?

  • will

    thank you.

  • Walter Spargo

    Can I do it? HAHA!!