Cribs Oakland Raiders style: Matt Schaub's swanky digs for sale


It’s “Cribs: Raiders edition”. No, it’s just the offseason and the news this time of year is pretty slim pickins. Though, with that being said, it is actually a good thing the news about the Raiders players is mundane. The only other option is news about a player getting hurt doing something stupid or else getting arrested doing something even more stupid.

New Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub went through a lot in his final season with the Houston Texans. As his world collapsed around him and he threw pick six after pick six, Texans fans turned on him and did so at a level never seen before. Not only was his jersey burned, fans actually cheered when he got hurt and one even showed up at his private home.

Stupidity of the Texans fans aside, Schaub is now selling that house for over $4 million dollars as he tries to erase memories of his worst NFL season. Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, you can check out some pictures of Schaub’s swanky digs. The house is pretty nice if you are into the old school English style.

I do have to say though, his BBQ game is confusing. Either it is set up inside or he has the most elaborate patio, complete with walls, that I have ever seen. Check out the link, it’s not a bad way to waste some time while procrastinating at work.

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  • Amy Contizano

    Methinks his wife decorated that house…