Power Rankings: Rating the likability of every NFL franchise


In recent days, soccer fans have been coming out of the woodwork, showing their allegiance to “the world’s game” as World Cup fever starts to reach a fever pitch. Jumping on the bandwagon of Team USA makes sense; national pride will get sports fans to tune into almost anything. But the conversations have also revealed that plenty of people in the United States have become fans of overseas teams as well.

Real Madrid. Barcelona. Manchester United. Bayern Munich. Arsenal. Name a prominent European team and someone in America is suddenly on their bandwagon.

It becomes an obvious question: Why do people with no built-in allegiance to a team wind up becoming a fan?

Which leads to an interesting hypothetical. If roles were reversed and people from other countries were forming a bond with a National Football League team, which ones would they gravitate toward?

It led the editorial staff at cover32 to rate each NFL franchise based on their likability. The idea is simple: If a fan was neutral, what teams would they be most attracted to.

Here’s how things shook out:


1. Pittsburgh Steelers – They win consistently, which is nice. But they don’t take shortcuts to success, as the Steelers don’t buy their championship rosters. There’s something honorable about rooting for a team that is loyal and has work ethic.

2. Green Bay Packers – Being able to own a piece of the team would be cool. So too would the fact that the league’s championship trophy is named after the franchise’s former coach. Green Bay is the closest thing to a college atmosphere in the NFL.

3. Buffalo Bills – There’s a Chicago Cubs quality about the Bills; there’s a lovable loser element that dates to date to their four-consecutive Super Bowl losses in the 1990s. But they also possess a fiercely loyal fan base and have an underdog quality.

4. Cleveland Browns – One certainly wouldn’t jump on the Browns bandwagon because they wanted enjoy easy victory; instead, it’d be about being a part of a group that has endured a lot of pain in search of eventual victory.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – There’s a classic Midwestern charm to the Chiefs, as their diehard fans have avoided the corporate pitfalls that plague so many teams. It’s good people in search of another title, something 40 years in the making.

6. New York Jets – While the Giants fans are bluebloods, the Jets backers are the working class folks who give the Big Apple its swagger. Hanging out with a hard-working guy beats a Wall Street tycoon any day of the week, especially on Sundays.

7. Dallas Cowboys – As annoying as it may be to many NFL fans, the allure of “America’s Team” still remains; that’s something that people want to be a part of, as there’s a certain mystique that comes with the rich guy everyone roots against.

8. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are interesting to people who want to get on board with a promising team – Matt Ryan and Julio Jones make them that – but aren’t the obvious choice. Given their meager track record, Atlanta is an obscure choice.

9. Detroit Lions – A high-powered offense would make rooting for the Lions a fun experience; every Sunday is sure to at least produce some excitement. Being a part of the excitement that comes to Detroit when they win a title would be special.

10. Oakland Raiders – It may be a difficult group to understand, but it’s hard not to be envious of those who root for the Silver and Black. Everyone wants to belong to a group that is so passionate and loyal; Raiders fans have each other’s backs.

11. Indianapolis Colts – For those who don’t like to be a long-suffering fan, the Colts would be a great choice; they’re the fortunate franchise that transitioned from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck after just one dismal season. That’s living right.

12. Denver Broncos – While it would be nice to root for Peyton Manning every Sunday, it’d feel a little dirty, knowing that he was a mercenary brought in for one purpose. Plus, knowing what’s to come after his retirement would loom large.

13. New York Giants – Yes, rooting for the Giants is sort of like pulling for Microsoft, the IRS or Bank of America; but organizations with deep pockets, lots of connections and tons of resources tend to not disappoint their supporters.

14. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings have a unique look with the purple and the whole Scandinavian thing. Plus, they too evoke some compassion, given that they came up short during all four of their trips to the Super Bowl.

15. Chicago Bears – There’s a history associated with the Bears, dating back to George Halas, that would be cool to tap into. But having to constantly harken back to the 1985 team would get annoying after a while; so too would Jay Cutler.

16. Cincinnati Bengals – Someone would have to be searching for punishment if they willingly chose to be a Bengals fan, as the franchise has been mired in mediocrity (at best) for two decades. But there have been sparks of hope the past three seasons.


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  • Dave

    Right on the money! Good choices and good position for Atl.

    • Susie

      Tom Benson is an honorable man. Where did he get “slimy” from??? And Payton is one of the best coaches in the league. This list is stupid & is just the opinion of the moron who wrote it.

      • Adam

        Awwww…Feelings hurt? I found the article to be quite tasteful! GO STEELERS! ha! ha!

        • Jason

          Most Steelers fans can’t even admit they got away with a few horrible calls in the Super Bowl against Seattle. ….The whole article is stupid and a bad idea. Yard Barker needs help.

      • Bill

        Susie, Tom Benson tried to move the Saints out of NOLA after Katrina, and the NFL pressured heavily to keep it there.

  • paki

    kurva anyád

  • Dan


    • Pam

      You are absolutely correct.

  • jack

    are you kidding me belichick didnt cheat from spygate know your facts moron

    • tom

      You must of messed the part when he got fined and draft picks taken from him in 2007 when he was busted with over 40 video tapes dating back to 2000 and 2002.

    • Adam

      Bullcrap! Bill Belicheat is an ex sex offender! Sick bastard!

      • Francis

        You’re confusing him with Big Ben poser . You know … the guy who’s had charges brought against him how many times ? 3 ? That must be the reason that the Steelers are # 1 . Lord knows their coach doesn’t cheat LOL . This article is why Steeler fans are a joke now . How far they have fallen .

        • Dan

          Except Big Ben has never been charged with any crime. Accused, but never charged. Huge difference

    • Gustav Flores

      Bill didn’t cheat because the league wanted to keep the NFL name clean. They still made them pay with the fine and draft picks but i think Bill should have been suspended indefinitely from the league. Brady is a product of the program and the good players he is a good QB not one of the best. When he gets traded in a year or two you will all find out who he really is. A 6th round draft choice the overachieved.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Brady is a product of the good players around him. Who are you talking about? Oh yeah, Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson, Kendbrel Thompkins, No bodies at tight end because gronk can’t stay healthy. Shut the fuck up you ignorant bitch. I wish we were face to face so I could stomp you out.

  • Bryan

    The loud mouth Jets are about as likable as road rash!

    • Chris

      LMAO! man that’s good stuff!

    • Adam

      Ha, Ha I agree!

  • Scott

    This is the dumbest sports article I have ever read.

    • Chris

      Entirely agree.

    • Me

      This I hope does not qualify as a sports article. This is a ridiculous piece of writing on an ridiculous website not deserving of a single of the clicks it gets.

  • Fred

    We love rivers here he is passionate and a great leader. We bleed charger blue and most of us were happy to see turner and smith leave they should have gone years ago, hey never fit the laid back west coast culture. McCoy and telesco is the right formula ,
    We will surprise the league again this year. Look out NFC west !

    • Anonymous

      NFC? Do you even know your address

      • Anonymous

        This upcoming schedule for next season has the AFC west vs the NFC west. Do you know your football?

    • Fred’s Ridin’ Fred

      Ummm, the best in the NFC west saw your best from the AFC west. How did that work out? I’d be surprised if they get more than 7 wins. Luckily, they play the Jets, Jags, Bills, and the Raiders twice.

  • Unknown

    This list makes sense for a football fan that doesn’t have a team and knows a good deal about the games happenings but for a common spectator that is just choosing a team today the list is wrong. They would easily jump on a team where they have a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and not have to do any research than to wonder who the stars of this or that unsuccessful team is at the moment.

  • Dan Valeri

    It’s about time someone finally acknowledges Fussell Wilson is over rated.

  • pierre

    This doesn’t really work, here in France, Many football fans like the 49ers, because they are likeable. I feel the 49ers should be higher up That list.

    • Sean

      I agree!

  • Todd

    The Jets? Anyone remember that drunk idiot that punched out that woman in the concourse?? But that’s nothing, Philly fans booed Santa Claus 40 years ago because he was drunk and disorderly. No fan base is more loyal and passionate than Eagles fans. The team has never won a SB and yet there they are year after year.

    • Matt

      Dude everyone outside of Philly hates the Eagles haha sorry to tell you. They should’ve tied the pats for 32nd here. Violence at the park…loud and brash and extremely irritating and quite irrational (Eagles fans). – Sincerely, fans of every other team

      • Joe

        Yeah because there’s no violence in any other stadium… How about NY?? Frankly, there weren’t any more incidents in Philly last season than anywhere else. Nice try though db…

    • Matt

      Everyone hates the Eagles, literally everyone.

    • Justin

      I am sorry but Packer fans are by far the best fans out there. We build our team, we don’t buy them. and has anyone noticed that the players there tend to stay. Its cold as heck but can ANYONE name one place that has more history and is more of an icon in the NFL then Lambeau. Field. I do know that without all the teams Pro Football would not be the beloved game that it is for us all no matter your team. As far as it being the “closest thing to a college atmosphere” you my friend can kiss my frozen A$$. And another thing Dallas ” America’s Team” what a joke that is. its JJ’s team. There is only one America’s Team and that’s the Green Bay Packers, owned by AMERICANS !!!!!!!! Yes I am an owner. Proud and honored to be one, can any other team’s fan base say that????? I rest my case.

      • Sean

        Did he really say but packer

      • Jerry Jones

        Hater lol

      • Casey

        He is right come on really to get season ticket yeah u can’t do that how long has the packers been sold out a very very long time. Packers are the only team in the nfl who has been sold out this long. If i put my son on the waiting list for them he won’t get them until he is like 40 50 he is 2… An even in the freezing cold every seat in that field is sold out…. Let me remind you the day the packer in 2010 came home from winning the SB. Mostly everyone in green bay was out there waiting on them aka I was there….An it was ——- F cold out side…… No Place has the most History then green bay….. Even that they are 3 oldies in the nfl… There still the oldies football team hints why there 1st field is in the nfl hall of fame aka still in green bay but on the east side of green bay where the high school is….. East high school…. So glade that where i grad from…….. Green bay is where it all started….. Justin sooo agree with you

      • Anonymous

        Pittsburgh is still owned by the family that founded them can you say that? Oh and by the way the Rooney family is American too you freakin idiot.

  • Saints Fan

    Sounds like the cover 32 staff is a little biased.

  • me25

    couldn’t agree more with you, Todd…best and most passionate & knowledgeable sports fans in the country. go Birds!

  • Gbull

    If you ask anyone in England, Tampa Bay is 10 spots below last place. Thanks to the Glaizers mishandling of Manchester United AND the Bucs. I am a long suffering Bucs fan, had season tickets in76 and 77 so I know suffering. Seems we’re back in the bad old days. Heck, I’m a fan and ” I ” don’ like them. Just can’t work myself up to liking the the fins or jags. ” sigh”…,.

    • shadowpeppershow

      lucky you the best I would vacuum the field with a small straw just to attend a game but guess that is the difference between you and us real fans, just it sounds to me you were a fan of the 70 era however “that was then” and now “it is what it is” get up to date info on other sites that are not anti-buc given Nick’s is done, Evan’s has learning year & Josh had a fluke last year (as suggested by this site) We Buc Fans take the team as it comes to us with high hopes and offerings that somebody will televise it win or lose-wish you well up there in New England GO BUC’S

  • Kevin B

    Seahawks have a overrated QB? You must be smoking some whacky stuff to say that, Wilson has broke almost off records of 1st and 2nd year QB, he even beat your Stealer’s QB record, must have made you made. Who cares, they have a ring and will build upon it for another one this season. Overrated, that’s what I would call this so-called writer.

  • Jon B

    Vick and Cooper? You have the Steelers at #1 led by a rapist QB?

    • mattc

      Ravens have a murder on their team for years. Honored as a great player when retiring

      • Anonymous

        Ray Lewis murdered no one, you liar! Convicted of nothing, no evidence that he did any more than cover for his “friends”. He then lived a life of service, faith & totally honorable behavior for all those years. Can you say the same? Steelers number 1, HA! Attempted 2 time rapist at QB, blatant cheat for a coach & obnoxious fans waving towels in people’s faces. Give me a break!

    • Joe

      Yeah and the Jets are sixth with Vick but the idiot writer docked the Eagles for having him in the past. What a tool…

  • James McCusker

    you have to F*#^+ng out of your mind …Philly fans are the most loyal and vocal fans in the No Fun League … we here bleed green which is better than supporting a rapest, a chocker, a murderer, an egoistical self promoter and assorted thugs and miscreants ….yes we had Vick (did his time and played fairly well) Riley Cooper (are you going to say no one in the NFL has said the same thing white or black) atoned for his off field out of season remarks and established his credentials as a very good WR … and their 2nd year QB set all kind of records and if he plays as well as he did last year will outshine all other QB in the league… as far as Dallas is concerned as long as they have a GM/President that insist he knows more than the rest of the lea

  • James McCusker

    League (I hit the wrong button) and a QB that chokes at the mere mention of a pass rush they will always be a 2nd class contender …so in conclusion before you have the thought as to what is a beloved franchise please us some thought behind it.

  • Eric Doherty

    Yeah! Yeah! YEAHH! This article is all relative to who you are and where you live. For myself I would have the Steeler as one of the most hated and Saints and Patriots and 49ers as most likeable. So next I see something from cover 32 yerdbarker I know not to read any garbage from them and waste time.

  • Lizi D

    That’s the best u got? 4 Superbowl losses & #14? Ok its a lil sad, God Bless Buffalo! But they lost 4 also & r #3?????? and Green Bay #2,,,REALLY????

    • Gerry

      I agree that #2 GB is crazy. They lost fans because their GM wanted “his” QB instead of their greatest QB that ever played for them. They lost quite a local following after that.

  • matt s

    Though I agree the patriots are completely unlikable, the article was a poorly written waste of space.

  • Eddie

    Giants have class, the jets and their coach doesn’t. As a hard-working guy, Jets have a losing hating swag that the Giants don’t have. Giants ownership has a reputation of class. Jets ownership has a reputation of being an idiot that loves to sign troubled players for their names, Holmes, Vick, Tebow and one time interested in Moss. They worry about headlines. Giants on the other hand think about the league. If it wasn’t for Giants ownership, NFL would not be as big as it is today. Giants have means to break the rules and don’t. Instead they opened their wallet to the NFL.

  • Karl

    Seriously…Raiders at number 10? This is a team whose fan base regularly punches, spits at and verbally abuses anyone who is a fan from an opposing team. I know that happens to some extent everywhere, but the Raider fans are famous for there sleazy ways!

    • Charles

      What’s up RAIDER NATION!!!!! Hey Karl. Bite me 🙂

    • Raider Arlin

      I just spit on your post.

  • greatestwirefan

    Vick and Cooper? Are you kidding me? Rice and big-ass Ben are the two sorriest people in the NFL. Get it right.

  • scrotecoat

    This will be the last time I visit the shitty website. Soooo bad.

  • scrotecoat

    This will be the first and last time I visit this terrible website. Sooo bad. Thanks for wasting a few minutes of my life.

  • srichey321

    Another piece written by a Steeler fan. *yawn*

  • Eddie

    Fair weather, huh?
    Oh ok,..since I’m from San Diego I’ll stay classy and stay reserved. Anyways, Tell your mom she left her panties in my room again, thanks champ!


  • Charles

    You are all IDIOTS. What’s up RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah:-)

  • Bob

    Did you write the Cardinals’ segment 10 years ago? And how about spelling the owner’s name right.

  • Mike

    I could live with the Packers at #2, but the Broncos, Bears and Raiders are too low, and Falcons and Lions are too high.

  • Brad

    One word for Cover32. Ignorant!!!!!!

  • David Stinnett

    Russell Wilson is the most underrated player in the NFL

  • jack armstrong

    I really find it hard to believe Dallas is even in the top 16. I suppose they had to keep them up there so the media can keep calling them “America’s Team”. What a joke.

  • Grayson Shaw

    I’m a die hard steelers fan. I agree pittsburgh being at #1 is a little crazy but they should be in the top 5 just because even when they have a bad season which is 8-8 for us we still cheer for them anyway especially after starting 0-4 and finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs just beacause of a bad no call by the refs. Plus big ben was never charged with rape just like ray lewis was never charged with murder. Big ben was dealt with a four game suspension in 2008 and still came back to lead pittsburgh to there 6th super bowl title. Russell Wilson only beat 1 of Big Ben’s record which is the most wins in a quarterback’s first two seasons. Big Ben still holds the record for most wins in a rookie season (14p and youngest quarterback not only to win 1 superbowl but also the youngest quarterback to win 2 superbowls.

  • I-90 Refugee

    Completely WRONG on the Jets, Raiders and Cowboys! Cowboys would be in the absolute middle because most fans either really love ’em or really, hate them! Raiders are the most hated followed by the scum in green from New York!

  • tom brady is god

    you hate the best because you want to be the best and bill belichick and tom brady are the best bar none get over yourselves the patriotshave the best owner best coach and best qb go pats

    • bill belichick owns you

      your right tom brady isg od you really hit the nail on the head with that one your the best

  • knowledge

    winners are always disliked more because of years of success. fans of those teams that win, and succeed are happy and never want it to end, but one day soon team and fan base will also know the feeling of winning more than loosing and would be happy if there stays on top for as long as NEW ENGLAND has…

  • Bob Bisson

    Did anyone notice that the person or staff associated with this doesn’t have the courage to put their name on this total waste of data? Yes, the Patriots got caught cheating. A practice, by the way, that just about every team in the history of sports has tried to do in one way or another. That is to get a competitive edge. The Patriots were only guilty of being stupid. A perfect example of how some teams and coaches are just plain hated and the media and fans NEVER FORGIVE what they did because of it. Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, did what some thought was an offense way worse than what the Patriots did but does the media and fans still beat them up every chance they get? HELL NO! Why, because he is more likeable than Coach Bilichick. OK, I get that. What the media hates about him and what other teams hate about him I LOVE as a Patriots fan. I’m biased I know but people, please, enough with the cheater and other stuff because their is and was NO WAY their wins were because of cheating. You could make an intelligent argument that he won with the team Bill Parcells built and that would maybe have some truth but ENOUGH WITH THE CHEATER STUFF!! There, I said it! I feel better now!

  • Joe

    So the Eagles get docked for having Michael Vick (who is no longer with the team) and ranked 30th but the Jets (who now Vick) get ranked 6th? Have to get that PC shot in there about the Redskins name too… Pathetic writing.