Power Rankings: San Francisco 49ers rated one of least likeable NFL franchises


In recent days, soccer fans have been coming out of the woodwork, showing their allegiance to “the world’s game” as World Cup fever starts to reach a fever pitch. Jumping on the bandwagon of Team USA makes sense; national pride will get sports fans to tune into almost anything. But the conversations have also revealed that plenty of people in the United States have become fans of overseas teams as well.

Real Madrid. Barcelona. Manchester United. Bayern Munich. Arsenal. Name a prominent European team and someone in America is suddenly on their bandwagon.

It becomes an obvious question: Why do people with no built-in allegiance to a team wind up becoming a fan?

Which leads to an interesting hypothetical. If roles were reversed and people from other countries were forming a bond with a National Football League team, which ones would they gravitate toward?

It led the editorial staff at cover32 to rate each NFL franchise based on their likability. The idea is simple: If a fan was neutral, what teams would they be most attracted to.

To see how things shook out, CLICK HERE.

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  • Andrew Hutchinson

    So your writing staff doesn’t like my team, the 49ers, fine. I don’t like your writing staff. You write like a bunch of high school kids. No thought or research or analysis. Hasta La Bye-Bye. Who needs you?



  • Greg White

    We all know that the Niners are one of the best. It’s just that most people winners. GO NINERS !!!!!!

  • Self Aware

    For the 49ers it is a coach and QB likeability IQ. Harbaugh is not a person I would want to have a beer with- get a spot of alcohol in him and watch his loud, obnoxious mouth ruin the evening. We all know someone like this. I admire the mental toughness of Harbaugh’s family for living in the same house with him. I wonder if he walks around with a Life Alert button in his hand? And poor Mumble Mouth Kap I not only question his ability to thrive and his QB skills, but also his hygiene- mental and physical. Based on what I hear, observe and read about Kap, outside of being an NFL player I do not believe Kap is employable. These two dudes certainly need an advanced course in football civility. The 49ers have denigrated as a team to the level of reality show. Harbaugh and Kap have lived in their bubbles too long and are out of touch. This is coming from a 9ers fan since 1957. Excellent work Jed you have built a team in your spoiled kid, play thing image.

    • rrup

      Well your a hawk fan to say something like that, and just because you don’t like the niners, or just because they are one of the top teams, maybe you ought to quit listening to what Harbaugh says, because you don’t understand what he says, and maybe you wish he was the coach of your team.

  • Michaeltyckel

    I really feel bad about how badly my ‘9ers are going to do this year…
    2nd place? more like 4th, no hope without an upgrade at RB, QB…