Andre Roberts: The forgotten Redskin


With the high publicity signing of DeSean Jackson, by the Washington Redskins, getting all of the off season attention it seems that most have forgotten about another receiver that the Redskins signed earlier in the off season; Andre Roberts. Roberts was signed to play the 2nd receiver position across from Pierre Garcon. With the addition of Jackson, Roberts will play the slot where he’s better suited anyway.

Jackson will be the big play guy who gets the attention. Garcon will continue to be old reliable and even sneak some big plays of his own in there. But it’s my belief that Roberts will be the glue that holds the trifecta together. He’ll be that guy who goes across the middle on 3rd and 5 and he’ll pick up 8. He’ll, along with Jordan Reed (Man he’s gonna have a big year), will be the guys who keep the chains moving. This will make him become a fan favorite quickly because we all know 3rd down is the money down in the NFL.

Roberts isn’t just a possession receiver though. He’s fast, and quick which means that he can take a slant to the house. Or he’ll stretch the field and catch the occasional bomb at times. This receiving core will be deadly. And the focus is on Jackson and Garcon, rightly so, but the forgotten man will be forgotten no more once the season starts.

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