Elvis Dumervil’s agent is still being held accountable for “Faxgate”


Over a year later, we can finally put all the blame for “Faxgate” on the shoulders of Elvis Dumervil’s ex-agent Marty Magid.

Magid was handed a six-game suspension and a $25,000 fine by the NFLPA’s Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline after the his actions caused Dumervil to miss getting his paperwork into league offices on time, sending him into free agency and away from the Broncos.

Magid’s agent, David Cornwell, vowed that his client would prevail on appeal.

“Marty will appeal. Marty will win,” said Cornwell. “The discipline will not stand. The NFLPA made general and unsupportable assertions of negligence against Marty and then ignored or created facts to support its disciplinary decision. Marty represented Elvis Dumervil’s interest effectively and consistent with the standards imposed on him by the NFLPA’s agent regulations. We are confident our arbitrator will agree.”

Well, the arbitrator apparently did not agree. Though the $25,000 fine was rescinded, the six-month suspension was upheld.

“Magid’s insufficient knowledge of the CBA and negligence violated NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors,” cited Roger Kaplan.

This news is all well and good, but it still doesn’t bring back Dumervil.

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