Five predictions for Dallas Cowboys Training Camp


DALLAS, TX- Greetings Cowboys’ fans, it’s late-June which means Training Camp is not too far away and football will be back on our televisions soon enough. The Cowboys have had another seemingly quiet offseason other than the loss of Sean Lee and a few youngsters about to earn a big payday.

And as we writers desperately cling to any newsworthy topics to write about, we digress and run out of topics; so instead we make useless lists for our readers to get through this football drought until Camp opens up. I feel like things will soon heat up so I thought I should release a list of things I believe will happen in case I’m actually right and get some time to gloat.


5. Josh Brent gets a chance– I think Josh Brent will find his way on the roster through Training Camp. Will he have anything to contribute is the bigger question. Brent has been out of football since late 2012, and those that are just assuming he’s going to become the missing piece should temper their expectations. Brent will get his chance but with Bishop, Hayden, McClain and Bass on the roster, it may be too late for Brent with the Dallas Cowboys.

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4. Holloman wins the MLB position– Durant is currently implanted as the starter, but he’s an outside-linebacker in my opinion. I think that Durant is a good-tackler but I believe the middle needs a guy with instincts. I don’t think that Durant is able to diagnose plays like Holloman can. I just have a hunch that Holloman will win out because of his instincts to play the position.

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3. Kyle Orton will play– Yes the most tiresome and somewhat pitiful story of the offseason will finally be over, for now. Kyle Orton doesn’t want to play but he isn’t going to strong-arm the Cowboys for more money. Either he’ll play for what was agreed to or he can leave $3 million on Jerry’s desk. He didn’t play that well in his chance last season in my opinion. He threw most of his passes low to the ground and was missing easy targets. If Romo played, the Cowboys would’ve won. At this point, I’m done with Kyle Orton and think Brandon Weeden deserves a chance.


2. The best battle will be Selvie versus Crawford– The team really likes Crawford and he wants to start, that’s pretty much what he’s been working towards. I know that this whole defensive line is trying to create a rotation, but the best will play first. Selvie did a nice job last season whilst Crawford watched from the training room. He’s ready to challenge and I think Romo was right when he said that he’s expecting big things from Crawford.


1. The running-backs will be the talk of preseason– Linehan is great offensive mind and I think he knows how to utilize talent and play their strengths. I think that in the preseason games you will see a lot of playing time for these backs showing off their different talents. He likes to get the ball to these guys in space and I can see him adding a different monster that was lacking a year ago. Murray proved his worth last year despite the Cowboys using every opportunity to take the ball out of his hands. That ends now.

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