Horseshoe Mailbag: Injury questions


We are at the beginning of the Indianapolis Colts long layoff before training camp opens late in July. Most players will use this time to spend time with family and freinds before the grind of the season starts, when time away from football is scarce.

The Colts made some headlines last summer during the layoff when two players were suspended for four games for violating the leagues substance abuse policy, including wide receiver LaVon Brazil, and one other player, Joe Lafeged was arrested,

Chuck Pagano has already talked to players about avoiding these type of situations that cause negative headlines for the team, especially after the Jim Irsay arrest and Robert Mathis suspension.

The Colts are usually a team that stays out of the negative side of the NFL, and barring smaller incidents are a good role model for all NFL teams to follow.

Since minicamp ended, Colts fans have been worried about injuries piling up early in the offseason and are concerned that they could turn into problems for the 2014 season, a season the Colts are aiming for the Lombardi Trophy. Enter our question of the week.

Mark Posey asks How do the Colts have so many injuries before minicamp? It also seems ridiculous that both safties can’t practice al all,and another player is already on IR, plus they did not draft anyone to replace Beathea too. It looks like we are headed for another season leading the NFL in guys on the IR again. I am a big supporter of the Colts but I don’t understand all these injuries so soon. What will it be like by the time the season starts?

Mark- The Colts have not lead the league in guys landing on the IR in recent years. They finished 2009 with seven men, 2010, with 12, 2011 and 2012 with 11, and last season finished with 14 players. Last season they would finish third in the league with the most players, and although they have been near the top in recent years, they have not been the unluckiest of teams.

The NFL as a unit has seen an increase of injuries over the last decade, especially with the rise of ACL tears, something that caused Reggie Wayne to miss most of last season. This is part of the reason that Roger Goodell and the league office have been enforcing harsher penalties for illegal hit in the NFL.

Sometimes however, a team can go through a season where it seems that they will have injury after injury, this will not be the Colts in 2014. There is no reason to worry that LaRon Landry and Delano Howell have missed practices due to injuries. This has been more of a precautionary decision then anything else.

Bumps and bruises will happen, especially to veteran players. Every team will have several veterans sit out of minicamps, OTAs, and a day or two of training camp simply to let their body heal so that they may be at 100 percent for the season.

As for Fili Moala, and Corey Lynch, those were merely freak accidents that could not have been prevented. Yes, it is unfortunate to lose Moala for the season, especially since the Colts were hoping he would have a bigger role in the defense this season, and Lynch would provide depth in the secondary.

Grigson has stated that Howell, Landry, Wayne, Richardson, and other players will all be ready for training camp. So Mark, get excited, as the Colts should be at full strength when camp starts to mark their deep playoff run in the 2014 season.

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