Marshawn Lynch will go Nude Mode for ESPN magazine


Well, file this one under “unexpected.”

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is notorious for his tight lips when it comes to reporters. Earlier this year he was fined $50,000 for not making himself available to the media. During Super bowl week Lynch obviously hated being in front of the cameras constantly, staggering through his interviews with grumbles and glares.

I have speculated that Lynch’s hesitation to talk with the media may be due to a social anxiety disorder. If this next story is to be believed though, I might have to change that to “just plumb doesn’t like reporters.”

According to ESPN, Marshawn Lynch will pose nude for the magazine’s annual body issue. The magazine features athletes from a wide variety of sports with different body types, glorifying the beauty of the human form at its purest. Said editor in chief Chad Millman:

This year’s collection of exceptional athletes and stunning photography showcases an array of sports and body types. It inhabits our mission to pay tribute to these athletes’ bodies and all they are capable of.”

In addition to Beast Mode, a number of other athletes will pose for the magazine, including olympian Michael Phelps, tennis superstar Venus Williams, and *shudder* corpulent Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder.

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