Week 3’s Home Opener will come down to the wire for the Jacksonville Jaguars


Week 3: Jaguars vs. Colts
September 21, 2014 | 1 p.m.
Everbank Field | Jacksonville, Florida

“He has never made one from this distance though, career long of 53. 59-yard attempt, Podlesh the holder, Jeremy Cain the snapper, Jacksonville, looking for the win…Scobee sweeps the leg, 59 yards away, he’s…”

As you may recall, the famous call by Ian Eagle in November of 2010 ends with “. . . got it!”

Many fans can replay this moment in their minds, as this would be the last victory the Jaguars would get at home against future hall-of-famer, Peyton Manning. Something that stands out about this call is the original doubt portrayed at the beginning of the dialogue.

As Jaguar fans, it always seem like there is doubt surrounding the team, each season, each game and in most recent memory, each play. Well, all of that doubt seems too be magnified every time the Colts and Jags meet. Fortunately for the Jags, that doubt seems to be disappearing day by day for the past months or so as things are beginning to look up.

Hopefully this positive vibe will translate on to the field in this Week 3 match-up against division rivals, the Indianapolis Colts, where the Jaguars will look to get their second win against the Andrew Luck-led team since he entered the league.

As I’ve done the past two articles when looking at history, the Colts have dominated the Jaguars, expect in most recent history where the Jags have been able to split the series the last eight match-ups This match-up will come with a different approach than that of the first two games of the season.

A Colts team that made a big move in trading for a running back last season and seemed to have missed, will have to look for other facets of the game other than the running game to win, unlike the Eagles or Redskins who have two of the more superior run games in the league. Here is my breakdown of what seems to be a very different match-up in the Week 3 home opener against the Colts.

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