Sammy Watkins so Far…


WOW. After a chaotic weekend, I’d like to say that Sammy Watkins impresses me more and more after getting to know him through the media and appearances. Not only is he extremely well spoken, but after organized team activities (barring a few setbacks) he has seemed mighty impressive on the field.

Living vicariously through the media, Watkins was back and forth during OTA’s. The beginning was better than the end, but it is just OTA’s. There’s still minicamp, training camp, and preseason before the catches truly matter.

He’s still working on learning the many complex routes of the Bills playbook and figuring out adjustments needed from college to the NFL. It’s hard to make the transition and Watkins may need some time. Time to establish chemistry with EJ Manuel, time to learn the playbook, and time to gain some real NFL experience.

At the camp Sammy was all about the kids. He gave them wise words of advice and even answered a few of their questions.

The first question from a 6 year old was “What is your favorite color?”

Watkins replied “Well that would be the red, white and blue!” Everyone cheered.

One of the 10 year olds asked “Who is your least favorite team?”

He paused, then replied “That would have to be the Patriots”. The crowd erupted.

Then, a 12 year old asked “Who is your favorite Quarterback?”.

Watkins said “Tajh Boyd and EJ Manuel.” Which nobody was surprised by.

When asked by the camp director what he learned today, Watkins replied “I learned how to play tight end, learned how to play defensive end and tackle, and I learned how to be safe”.

He also gave the kids some wise words at the end of the day, telling them to listen to their coaches, practice hard, and stay focused.

I may only be one year older than Watkins, but he sure speaks years ahead of his time and his maturity level is that of a man who’s been playing for years.

We’re all waiting to see what happens this year and if Watkins and Manuel can establish the needed connection to be successful and bring this team to where it hasn’t been in 15 years.

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  • Pete Borini

    Nice to see a rookie doing well and enjoying himself at the same time. Anything that builds confidence can only help on the field.

  • JT

    Watkins has always been a class act so i wish him the best.But if he has anything less than a great season the Buffalo sports writers will see blood.and pounce on him and the Bills brass.The Bills gave up allot for him and most people agree it was way too much.Im hoping he blows the doors off and is rookie of the year.But the best part of getting Watkins is that he a very loyal team player and wont run from Buffalo when his contract is up like Byrd did.