Top 5 Things we’d like to watch on the new video boards at U of P Stadium


One of the biggest upgrades the Arizona Cardinals made in the offseason involves their video replay boards. They will be in place before the start of the season and are part of an upgrade done to the stadium, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

The new video boards will cost $10.8 million. The high-definition LED board in the south end zone will be 54 feet high and 164 feet wide. Its resolution is 75 percent higher than the old one. The board in the north end zone will be 27 feet high and 97 feet wide, according to the article.

So that said, what would we want to watch on a screen that big? Here’s our Top 5:

5. A game of Madden 15

Madden can be fun on a 55-inch set. Imagine it on 90-foot set. Yeah. Gamer heaven.

4. A kids show of your choice.

Could you imagine how many toddlers could sit still through an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on a screen that size?

3. The Travel Channel

Those white-sand beaches in Tahiti will never look so appealing short of being there.

2. Last season’s highlights

Not like you haven’t seen them 1,382 times since the end of last season.

1. The Arizona Cardinals 2014 intro video

When we see that, we know it’s time for football. And we can’t wait for August 9th to roll around.

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