ESPN analyst thinks Bradshaw may take over starting spot


When the Indianapolis Colts enter training camp next month they will have a three way battle for the starting running back position between Trent Richardson, Vick Ballard, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

All three are coming off some sort of injury, and Bradshaw and Ballard both coming off a season ending injury last season. Richardson had shoulder surgery during the offseason, and was limited to light workouts during OTAs and minicamp.

Richardson will get the first shot at starting because of his talent that made him a top five pick in the draft in 2012. But, if Richardson struggles early, or has not fully recovered from his surgery, do not be surprised if Bradshaw takes over the starting spot.

Bradshaw brings key veteran leadership to the Colts, who are poised to make a deep playoff run in 2014, and need a solid ground game to take off presure from Andrew Luck and the passing game. Bradshaw has two Super Bowls rings with the New York Giants, and two 1,000 yard seasons under his belt. He is entering his eight season in the league, which by running back standards is high millage, but can still provide a key role.

I fully expect Richardson to outright win the starting spot in training camp, but one ESPN writer believe that the Colts are in no position to let Richardson come into his own on the field if he struggles early.

Mike Wells who covers the Colts for ESPN recently wrote, ”  Richardson will be given the first shot at starting partially based off his talent and because not starting would be another sign of a failed trade by Grigson. But don’t be shocked if Bradshaw ends up starting if Richardson struggles early. The Colts aren’t in the position to be waiting for Richardson to find his rhythm.”

So what do you think Colts fans? Richardson will start and struggle, or start and have the breakout season that his talent says he can?

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  • COLTS19

    Colts fan since 1967, I think the Colts lost their best back to SD, The depth chart should be Ballard, Bradshaw, and Richardson with a little bit of the FB.

  • dave

    this is going to be the best rb trio, each one brings something different to the table. if they work well together. teams will have a hard time stopping these guys!!!!