Ray Lewis redirects inspiration to Baltimore families


It’s one thing to win on the field, but when one helps others win off of the field, that’s special.

Baltimore’s own, Ray Lewis, was a winner on the field — no question. The two Super Bowl rings and other personal accolades prove that fact. But Lewis hasn’t lost a step since hanging up his cleats, even if the future Hall of Famer can’t go sideline-to-sideline like he used to. He’s taken the same leadership and family approach he had on the field to the streets of Baltimore, a city in dire need of those qualities.

Lewis’ most recent project has people raving about his off the field success. With the help of a mother’s inspiration, Lewis and his brother started the program, “Single Homes for Single Moms in Baltimore.” This program was developed to help single parents looking to become homeowners.

“Now we’re here with an opportunity to say, let’s do something that’s close and dear to our hearts, which is giving back to people that are less fortunate,” Lewis said.

Lewis has been known for his work in the community even back in his playing days. In 2011, Lewis started “The Ray Lewis Family Foundation” at the tail-end of his NFL career. Among other programs he’s developed are the “Ray Lewis Defensive Football Camp” and the “Kids of Character Program,” both shining examples of Lewis’ communal reach. With programs like these, he’s been able to establish himself as a great humanitarian in past years.

Lewis was always the type of football player who wanted to see his teammates shine and discover greatness. As a philanthropist, he also wants to help those in less fortunate situations see their dreams come to fruition. With this new project in place and his foundation constantly at work, he’s in a position to help others live out their dreams.

In a city like Baltimore where some communities struggle to stay above water, Lewis and his family understand that it’s not how they start the project, but how they finish it.

“Giving the homes is one thing,” Lewis said. “Providing them how to understand the homes is a totally different concept of life, right? So rebuilding families, rebuilding brands only helps our future.”

Lewis’ first targeted family has stated that the program will go a lot further than just getting families into homes. Life coaching, financial literacy and family strengthening are all included.

Ray’s football career mirrors greatness, but it’s what he’s in the process of doing off of the field that is going to make him a Hall of Fame candidate in the community.

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