Joe Montana says Seahawks might become a dynasty


Seattle Seahawks fans may not have any love for the San Francisco 49ers, their players, or their history, but it would be silly to discount the legacy of Joe Montana. For over a decade Montana was the most dominant quarterback in the NFL, leading the 49ers to four Super bowl wins. Along the way he collected over 35,000 passing yards, 244 touchdowns, eight pro bowl nominations, and an MVP.

It’s safe to say that the guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to football. That’s good news for Seahawks fans because in a recent appearance on Total Access, Montana said that the Seahawks are capable of becoming a dynasty:

Only seven teams have repeated as Super bowl champions. Montana was one of them, winning with the 49ers back to back in 1989 and 1990.

Seattle might have an uphill battle to repeat, but their roster may be even better next year. Do you think the Seahawks are becoming a dynasty?

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  • Darius Deshields


  • RKusaf

    Damn right they do, from best in the west to best. <—period

  • Niles Standish

    They could but it hinges on Wilson staying upright and on the field, The biggest difference you can see with them is they don’t have a Steve Young like the one Montana had waiting to back him up in San Francisco when they were rolling ,If Wilson ever goes down the Seahawks will go back to being the Seagulls, Its that simple but you have to tip your hat to em right now, I like Wilson but cant stand Carroll because of the way he was allowed to run away from what he caused at USC That’s not a man with strong moral convictions! Hey he fits right in with todays society!

  • Don Bunnell

    Carroll did nothing wrong at USC, that is a tired rumor started by haters of USC because of their success, and that story was way overblown. People who don’t know the truth and don’t want to know the truth continue to run with the false rumor.
    He is an amazing coach as he has proven at both college and pro levels. If you are a fan of the teams who were constantly butt whipped by either USC or the Seahawks, hating Carrol and lying about his background is the only thing you have to console yourself with. The losers motto is, “We can’t beat you so we’ll lie about you!” People hate success if it isn’t their team who is successful. Bronco fans are still in denial and making excuses about why they were blown out of the SB.
    Pete is not only a great coach but does great things for the communities of both LA and Seattle. He does great things behind the scenes without fanfare. A truly great man in every way and it’s unfair to continue to spread the rumors and lies about his supposed shady past.

  • Danny

    Hell No!!!!

  • bent49

    While the rest of the league was concentrating on offense, Seattle focused on defense, and built a bone crushing, wood chipper, of a defense. It was enough to beat almost everyone. Good enough to make champions of the team. This next year it will be even better. But many teams around the league have learned from this, and built up their defenses, possibly enough to contain Seattle offense. I doubt that though, this year, too little time for those teams, but the year after, maybe… Meanwhile Seattle is focused on the legendary, winning three Superbowls in a row. – GO HAWKS!

  • Dan Kirk

    I’m a long time 49er fan.Saw a niner game at the old Kezar stadium. The question of whether the Seahawks “are capable of becoming a dynasty” is an obvious “yes” given their current roster and coaching staff. The quarterback position is the key. Can Wilson stay healthy for at least the next five seasons ? Capability and performance are not neccessarily compatable.

  • robert ororke

    sseattle sucks

  • robert ororke

    I have to admit seattle is very good. but they have big mouth players. and S.F. WILL KICK THERE ASS THIS YEAR