Quotable Monday: Thomas Davis says he’d rather retire than leave Panthers


It’s Quotable Monday! This week, we feature linebacker Thomas Davis’ show of extreme loyalty to the Carolina Panthers.

“If I’m going to play football and represent an organization, it’s going to be with the team that stuck beside me and never gave up on me,” Davis said to a Charlotte Observer reporter. “My mindset right now is, I’m going to play with the Carolina Panthers or I’m done playing football.”

It’s easy to understand why the former first round pick is so loyal to the organization. He’s torn the ACL in his right knee three times and the Panthers never wavered on their desire to keep the linebacker around. They’ve been rewarded as Davis has recorded a combined 228 tackles in the past two seasons and was the NFC Defensive Player of the Month in November. One could argue that he was a pretty blatant Pro Bowl snub last year as well.

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