Russell Wilson says he carried the Seahawks offense


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has never lacked in confidence. Miscast as a mediocre game manager and constantly undervalued because of his size, Wilson is intent on proving his critics wrong. He has become one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL thanks to an extraordinary work ethic and a deep reservoir of swagger to draw from.

People who claim that the Seahawks could have won the Super bowl last season with anybody playing quarterback clearly weren’t paying close attention to everything that Wilson did on the field.

Despite playing with one of the worst offensive lines in football and losing his two primary receivers to injury, Wilson led the Seahawks to a very respectable performance on offense last season. Football Outsiders ranked Seattle’s offense the 9th most efficient in the league (7th in rushing, 8th in passing.) Sporting Charts put the Seahawks at the top of their list in pass efficiency ratio. But many casual fans and analysts still call him overrated.

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Over the weekend Wilson was interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal. When asked what he thought of the critique that it’s time for him to step up and carry an NFL offense he had this to say:

I think we’ve done that before,” he said. “I think I did it the first two years.”

Interesting take by Mr. Wilson. It may be more accurate to say that Marshawn Lynch has carried the Seahawks offense, but it’s impossible to deny Wilson’s impact on a unit that is largely overshadowed by its defense. What do you think of Wilson’s claim?

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  • Sean

    I only posted Wilson because of the many roles a quarterback ends up filling to control the progress on the field. Marshawn truly deserves every bit the equal billing… I am only commenting that the whole team “carried the offense”.

  • GK

    Doug Baldwin yo! Angry F’n Doug!

  • chris

    Boo!!! I’m actually nor sure WHAT the writers purpose of this story is suppose to mean. Are you taking Wilson out of context? Are you trying to cause a rift with in the Seahawks house? Or maybe you had nothing else to write about, and figured if you said something negative at Wilson or that he said something negative, someone would read your article. Well… worked but how I wish I didn’t read it.

    Nothing good in it at all.

  • Steve

    Are you kidding me? He just lead the team to a SB in his second year. Did Elway do that? Did Montana do that? Did he just “game manage” a win against the most prolific offense ever and arguably one of the top three QB’s to ever play the game? He a bad man

  • Greg

    Your article contradicts itself in the 3rd paragraph when you say the Seahawks have the worst offensive line in the NFL but then they are ranked 7th and 8th in rushing and passing. That would equal an above average offensive line considering there are 32 teams in the NFL to date. So they are 2/3rds better than the rest of the NFL. Just saying you should analyze your facts before you try and stir the pot.

    • Brandon

      Um, no. Pass blocking and run blocking are two very different things. Their pass blocking was dead last in the league last season. The only reason their passing game has a high efficiency rating is because Wilson extends broken plays with his feet (all the time), he doesn’t throw interceptions, and his receivers don’t drop many balls. It has nothing to do with how well his offensive line played – because they were atrocious.

      • LD

        Atrocious? No. Playing hurt and every team trying to rush the world at them to take out Wilson, Yes. Pull your head out and give the SB champs who made chumps of the Broncos in one of the worst beat downs in SB history props! Keep trying to cause dissension with the Hawks, but next year they will be better than the last, including the O line.

        • Tim Weaver

          If you really think I’m trying to (let alone capable of) causing dissension on the team you’re a moron. I also mentioned the injuries. Be gone, I’m sure there’s a paint chip somewhere with your name on it.

  • ray

    I have no problem with russel taking the credit when things are good just as he takes all the criticism when things are bad. That is the life of an NFL quarterback. He did more than just manage as we all knew and seen the last two years. It is all about the team though many will try and lead a defferent spin on it. Russel will be the first to tell anyone that

  • Koke

    As good as Russell Wilson,Marshawn Lynch,and our receivers are No one person carries the offence on Any TEAM (except maybe Barry Sanders) .And to those who say Wilson needs to step up and carry an NFL offence He has done that , in that he has done his part to put the team in a position to win -in the NFL the last 2 years

  • larry

    Can yu say 12th Man.? Seattle Seahawks defined “Team”, period. And I agree, what is it sports writers, that they have to find something to “GIN” up, to justify their jobs, wow. ie; Johnny Manziel….If these young men were your brother,or son, think sbout what your drumming up.

  • Walter Spargo

    The magical season that the SEahawks had was the result of teamwork. No one member was bigger than the team. Not just Russell Wilson, but every time the Seahawks need a big play, someone stepped up. Whether it was aomeone making a tackle, sack, interception, pass break-up, QB scramble or break a tackle and pick up extra yardage/first down, make a catch, make a block, big KO or punt return, you name it. I’m a Raider, but my wife is 12th man, so we followed what your team was doing all year. All I can say is that we are glad that the forty whiners have to deal with you twice a year and we only have to do it every 4 years or if (when hell freezes over) we make it to the Super Bowl.

    Your team is set up to be dominant for years to come. This will not be your only Super Bowl win. I would lay odds on it. Barring any major meltdown or rash of injuries, I’d give you odds to repeat this year.

    Wouldn’t that be sweet to go into the forty whiners brand new stadium and win another SB? HAHA!!

  • dee

    I’m surprised that Wilson said that. However, before he joined the team, what were the Seahawks doing? Marshawn was chewing up turf like the beast he is and the D was excellent. Wilson deserves credit for making the Seahawks a contender. He has changed the mindset of that team. He is always upbeat and you can best believe he won’t be pointing fingers (ala RG3) if the ‘Hawks start losing.