The versatile Jacob Pedersen aims to make final roster


For those who have been focusing all their attention and energy on just the Atlanta Falcons draft picks, don’t stop there. No, seriously, don’t. It would, or should, interest you to know that the Falcons also snagged a few pretty decent undrafted free agents this offseason. One of the free agents they were lucky to grab was tight end Jacob Pedersen out of Wisconsin. The Falcons can’t seem to get enough of those Wisconsin boys, huh?

In his time as a Badger, he had 17 career receiving touchdowns and was well-known for his blocking abilities. Unfortunately, due to his size (6’3, under 250 lbs) the Facebook GMs, Twitter coaches, and other critics have all been debating whether or not he will be able to block in the NFL. One thing they don’t think about is just how multitalented he really is. Pedersen is a jack-of-all-trades. He can play halfback, fullback, tight end, and can contribute on special teams. To have a player like Pedersen on the roster with that much versatility is never a bad thing.

Pedersen’s talents didn’t go unnoticed at rookie mini-camp, receiving high praise from coaches as well as the media. Considering those in the media rarely have anything positive to say about Atlanta, you can color me impressed. Because Pedersen’s skills aren’t limited to the tight end position, the Falcons are bound to use him wherever needed. If he can pack on a little bit more weight this offseason and continue to perform well at practice, Pedersen has a good chance of making his way onto the Falcons final 53-man roster.

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  • Kahotep

    I would love it if Pederson made the roster. Having a halfback on the roster would be a first for the Birds since ’98. This kid could be a more talented version of Brian Kozlowski. I think we all remember what happened in 1998. NFC Champs baby!!! #RiseUp

    • Camille

      I’m rooting for Pedersen, too!