NFL fan's hilarious reactions to Kevin Kolb's drunken boating arrest


Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb was arrested over the weekend for boating while intoxicated well after midnight on Saturday night. Most of you Bills fans remember Kolb, not for his playing ability but for his ability to get severely injured. You know, the guy that put himself out of action by slipping on a wet rubber mat? Yeah, that guy.

Kevin Kolb actually does not have that many fans out there outside of Buffalo, its seems as though majority of the league hates him and finds this incident to be humorous and to some degree a little bit of justice. The way most fans around the league see it Kolb robbed league blind and it is very apparent that any misfortune he suffers will be welcomed with open arms. The overall summary of the fans reaction to this instance is probably best summed up by @RotoRaff as he tweeted…


While researching Kolb’s drunken midnight boating escapade I came across a few interesting and comical comments, the first being…

“About time he was arrested.  That guy has been stealing money from the NFL for years.”

Now I don’t know what your sense of humor is like but I found that comment very amusing, and I should warn you now that things are not about to become any more respectful towards Kolbs current situation. If you do not care for this behavior or have become angry at that last comment then I suggest you exit out of this article immediately, this article just is not for you. Lets move on…

The overall summary of the fans feelings for the amount of money Kevin Kolb was paid in the NFL for what he actually did is perfectly described here…

“But if I remember correctly, he got a ton of money from the Cardinals for doing nothing and then another ton of money from the Bills for doing nothing.”

It turns out that fans don’t care how much money you make in sports as long as you actually do something to earn it. Sure it might be a ridiculous amount of money for what you are actually providing but if you provide absolutely nothing then you can expect comments like this…

“I think Kevin Kolb should be arrested for playing QB. Drunk boating is just a petty crime in comparison.”

Considering that in Kolb’s time with the Bills he only proved to be a complete liability to himself perhaps it would have been best if he actually was arrested for playing QB, it surely would have saved him and incredible amount humiliation and personal injuries. If Kevin Kolb was arrested for playing QB when he first attempted it at an NFL level then perhaps we would of never seen this next comment….

“Never has anyone been paid so much, yet produced so little. He should be named As NFLPA businessman of the decade. He makes Darrelle Revis look like a non profit organization.”

And its kind of hard to argue with that, not many players in the NFL get away with making so much money while providing so little to their teams. Even more astonishing to people is Kolbs current net worth, which one commenter is quick to break it down for us…

“Kevin Kolb Net Worth = $5,000,000 according to Celebrity net worth

Don’t think he has to worry about his VISA card being declined any time soon

And yes that 5M$ figure sounds low so let’s do some math

Buffalo Bills = 3M+
Arizona Cardinals 20M
Philadelphia eagles 4.285M

Assuming taxes = 50%

That leaves about 14M which comes out to about 1.3m in expenses per year”

You would think that somebody who would love an opportunity to become a backup NFL QB and is spending roughly a million dollars per yer would give somebody a hundred bucks to drive his boat while he parties for the night. Hell, even if he paid somebody $500 it would hardly put a dent into his $1.3 million yearly spending. Maybe there is something to be said about the serious concussions he has received in recent years. One person was quick to point out that after you suffer a serious concussion you become more susceptible to them…

“Are they sure he was drunk? Are they sure he didn’t just put his hat on too hard and gave himself another concussion?”

Really if you think about it that’s not a far off possibility. The guy is a danger to himself and I would not rule that out of my court defense come trial time.

I am going to end this with by far my favorite comment on the situation I came across, Buffalo Bills fans are sure to understand why….

“I hope the cops didn’t cuff him too tight cause they could easily break both wrists and pull a shoulder out of socket. Also, hope there weren’t any non-slip mats around he could have slipped on.”

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