Twitter Tuesday: Darnell Dockett’s mask is illegal


Face masks have evolved over the year to add protection to the players’ face and eyes. Arizona defensive lineman Darnell Dockett has a super-evolved face mask that he planned on wearing this season.

That was until the NFL told him “no.” According to Kevin Patra of, the league is banning all non-standard masks for the 2014 season. This also impact players like Robert Mathis of the Colts and Justin Tuck of the New York Giants.

According to the memo, research from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment showed that the non-standard facemasks more frequently fail safety and certification tests and aren’t up to NFL safety standards.

Among the characteristics of the banned facemasks are “more bars, smaller spaces between the bars, and a generally larger coverage area,” (NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy)┬áVincent wrote in the memo.

Dockett will have to wear one like the picture above this article instead of this bad-ass one he sports in practice.


So, how did he react on Twitter?

We know the NFL fines guys $5000 for mistakes with their socks and hopefully the mask doesn’t leave Dockett lighter in the wallet.

Should Darnell Dockett be allowed to wear his unique face mask?

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