Twitter Tuesday: Doug Baldwin snaps on presumptuous fan


When your team wins the Super bowl it’s natural to get excited, and understandable to get a little carried away when you see them in public. However, when approaching professional athletes you should probably be careful and treat them with the respect that any human being deserves. In fact you should probably treat them with even more respect as they can more than likely tear you apart with their bare hands if so inclined.

Recently Richard Sherman got hopping mad over his new address being publlished which resulted in a number of idiotic fans camping out on his front lawn. Then on Sunday night Doug Baldwin went on a Twitter rant about a fan who got out of line:

Wow. Who in their right mind does that kind of thing, let alone directed at Angry Doug? I mean, you could probably get away with that kind of thing with Steven Hauschka, but Doug is about the last guy on the Seahawks roster I would want to test.

Use your head, people. Unreal.

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  • Walter Spargo

    See? The Raiders aren’t the only team with idiot fans! Every team (Yes, even the Seahawks) has them! HAHA!!