WATCH: Lardarius Webb shows off unbelievable hands


Lardarius Webb has somewhat adopted the Spiderman insignia for his own.  It’s fitting, after all, what with the Ravens cornerback — when healthy — being one of the most captivating coverage men in the league.  If you’re a wide receiver, you don’t want to get caught in this Webb (I couldn’t resist).


In Cover32’s rankings of the top-10 cornerbacks, the Ravens were amazingly left without any representatives.  Both Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith, in my opinion, are firmly in the discussion for that title.  To leave both of them off is confounding.

There are many facets to being a great cornerback, and the best and brightest pride themselves on playing in the box.  Lardarius Webb is one of the surest tacklers at the position, and that is to couple with his exceptional ability to mirror the wide receiver, be it on the outside or the slot.  And then when he gets his chances, he secures the ball strongly demonstrating strong, quick hands.

While Webb has struggled to stay healthy, even when he is rehabbing, he displays superior ability.  The above video is from April of 2013 while Webb was almost fully recovered from his second ACL surgery.  However, his knee isn’t the focus as Webb is seen snagging white balls against a white wall at warp speed.

Perhaps there is merit to his Spiderman schtick after all.

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